• today

    Software allows you to make critical clinical decisions pre-operatively, with great ease of use. Starting from CT, Cone Beam CT or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) patient data, the software generates 2D and 3D visualizations of pre-operative patient anatomy.

    Yuliya Kryvoguz
       Yuliya Kryvoguz, Recruitment specialist at Materialise      Киев · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • today

    Сопровождение и развитие фронт-офисной системы розничного бизнеса банка.

    Alyona Malyshkina
       Alyona Malyshkina, Recruiter at Luxoft      Киев · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • today

    One part of our solution is a data streaming platform. In addition to data streaming, we are building a PUSH-based queryable API which allows retrieving data with SQL-like queries and subscribing to PUSH updates.

    Anastasiia Ivanova
       Anastasiia Ivanova, Recruiter at SBTech      Киев · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • today

    Tribu - is a platform was created by Israel Ministry of Education. The target audience are students, the number of daily users - 6.5k. 
Our project involves communication between teachers and students as in-service training and the voluntary work as well.

    Maxym Levin
    Maxym Levin, Recruiter/HRM at Tribu      Киев · 2 years of experience · Intermediate
  • yesterday

    The product we are developing is data management solution for in-car navigation systems which enables Offline navigation for leading car producers.

    Zinaida Kozachuk
       Zinaida Kozachuk, IT Recruiter at Intellias      Киев, Львов · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • yesterday

    Шукаємо спеціаліста на довгострокову співпрацю, який має досвід роботи 1,5+ року в автоматизованому тестуванні.

    Yana Stovbur
       Yana Stovbur, HR Manager at GBKSOFT LLC      Киев · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • yesterday

    AUTO1 Group is Europe’s leading multi-sided platform for the used car sector. We lead business activities in more than 30 countries worldwide. By connecting buyers and sellers through technology we enable dealers and consumers to trade seamlessly throughout Europe.

    Stanislava Zapototska
    Stanislava Zapototska, Technical Recruiter at AUTO1 Group      Киев · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • yesterday

    We specialize in advanced software fields such as BI, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML), High Speed Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Data Predictive Analytics, Unstructured Data processing, Finance, Risk Management and Security.

    Kristina Kozma
    Kristina Kozma, Senior IT Recruiter at Zoral      Киев · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • yesterday

    Encode is a Danish SaaS vendor in the fast growing Marketing Technology (MarTech) space, delivering a software service for marketing planning and production to teams across brand owners, retailers and agencies with a mission to “make life easier — and more productive”.

    Mariia Brynza
       Mariia Brynza, Recruitment Researcher – Ciklum      Киев · 2 years of experience · Intermediate
  • yesterday

    Our customer is one of the leaders in the MNS/Infrastructure. Management and is trying to produce their managed offering. Very high exposure project(clients like VISA, Airports in the US, big name warehouse stores etc).

    Ekaterina Sergievskaya
    Ekaterina Sergievskaya, Recruiter at webbylab.com      Киев · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • yesterday

    We are looking for talented, experienced Automation QA Engineer to join its growing engineering team. Our candidate must have excellent problem-solving skills, along with keen attention to detail and outstanding written and oral communication abilities.

    Tanya Sudarik
    Tanya Sudarik, IT Recruiter at PSR company      Киев · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 24 June

    UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group is looking for a Senior Quality Assurance to join the team of online banking product for individuals UKRSIB online

    Iryna Shkarovska
    Iryna Shkarovska, HR BP for iPlatform в BNP Paribas Group, UKRSIBBANK      Киев · 2 years of experience
  • 24 June

    Шукаю SDET із фокусом на тестування фронтенду (web & mobile via webview). Продуктова компанія. Вільний графік. Бізнес-тріпи в США.

    Nataliia Ostapenko
    Nataliia Ostapenko, Technical Recruiter at HRAVITY      Киев · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 24 June

    SmartyAds is searching for a strong QA Automation to join our fast-growing team and results-driven business.

    Anna Shnyra
       Anna Shnyra, HR Team Lead at SmartyAds      Киев · 2 years of experience
  • 24 June

    Join us :) Working for 2021.ai you will be at the forefront of technology, where Data Science together with technology genius created the Grace AI platform that revolutionizes data science, machine learning, and analytics.

    Liliia Ivancha
    Liliia Ivancha, HR Manager at 2021.AI      Киев · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

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