• 24 January

    Fluxon is a product and software development company based out of San Francisco, California.

    Tonia Tanchuk
    Tonia Tanchuk, Recruiter at Fluxon      Киев · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate
  • 15 January
    Vera Krainiukova
    Vera Krainiukova, IT Recruiter at Raiffeisen Bank Aval      Киев · 2 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 13 January

    We need a team-leader for our development team who will be able to improve department working system and build-up the right communication, the team leader who will become a real mentor for all members of the team.

    Oksana Yaroshevich
       Oksana Yaroshevich, HR manager at Jcash      Киев · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 7 January

    Decathlon Ukraine is looking for an intermediate or high-level back-end developer who has a passion for delivering excellent experiences to internal and external users.

    Каterina Burym
       Каterina Burym, Recruiter at O2IT      Киев · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent
  • 3 January

    Proudly based in Zaporozhye, WebCap Studio, an outsourcing IT company, is welcoming a charismatic and focused on his field of practice specialist, to join our team as the Senior Web Developer / Tech Lead.

    Yurii Marenchenko
    Yurii Marenchenko, HR Manager at Webcap      Запорожье · 2 years of experience · Intermediate