• 6 June

    I run a mining company, and we're typically mining brand new POW, Security and altcoins. I am looking for someone that can build custom GPU mining scripts to take advantage of new mineable coin opportunities.

    Shane Hvizdzak
    Shane Hvizdzak, CEO at Helpified.com | Black Moon Mining | Avenger Capital      Remote · No experience
  • 5 June

    В свою команду ищем Программиста С++, который будет разрабатывать новый функционал для существующих проектов, осуществлять поддержку Legacy проектов и правку bug. Необходимые навыки: С/С++, MySQL, QT, Git, strong oop.

    Оксана Феденко
    Оксана Феденко, Начальник HR-відділу в Ваговимірювальні системи      Днепр · No experience
  • 2 June

    For our newly established R&D center in Kiev we are looking for SW engineers with skills in embedded, linux, SDK, Firmware, FreeBSD and more

    Shimon Edry
    Shimon Edry, Sr. Global Recruiter at Mellanox Technologies      Киев · No experience
  • 29 May

    Major Requirements general C++ (with baseline STL) assembling / disassembling experience (IDA, GDB for x86 or ARM) development experience of compilers or interpreters or virtual machines at least Bachelor degree, good technical English

    Орест Ольшанский
    Орест Ольшанский, Recruiter at IT Staff      Киев · No experience
  • 29 May

    Major Requirements experience with Linux user-space development in C++ general C/C++, Posix API, building / testing / packaging / debugging / scripting in Linux comfortable with cross-platform development understanding of Linux system internals

    Орест Ольшанский
    Орест Ольшанский, Recruiter at IT Staff      Киев · No experience

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