• today

    Start your career as a full-stack software engineer. No commercial experience is required. We are looking for young and smart individuals who willing to learn and work with a friendly team on interesting projects.

    Юля Хабаль
    Юля Хабаль, HR/ recruiter at nerdysoft      Львов · No experience · Intermediate
  • today

    Gripping projects for the American market

    Liudmyla Filipchuk
    Liudmyla Filipchuk, Business Analyst at innovaticx.com      Львов · No experience · Pre-Intermediate
  • today

    Gripping projects for the American market

    Liudmyla Filipchuk
    Liudmyla Filipchuk, Business Analyst at innovaticx.com      Львов · No experience · Pre-Intermediate
  • today

    UTECH - LOGISTICS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Specialists in creating powerful software for the Transportation and Logistics industry.

    Maria Drebot
    Maria Drebot, HR - manager at utechcorp.com      Львов · No experience · Intermediate
  • 11 October

    Front-end HTML Developer

    Halyna Shevchenko
    Halyna Shevchenko, Recruiter at UPQODE      Львов · No experience · Intermediate
  • 10 October

    About Us: Outstaff teams 80% of Finnish startups 20% European Studio in the historic center of Lviv 100% participation in the product We have 5 product teams in our studio now, and one of them is looking for a cool Customer Support Specialist to join the team.

    Nataliia Iarmoshchuk
       Nataliia Iarmoshchuk, Recruiter at Midealab.co      Львов · No experience · Advanced/Fluent
  • 9 October

    In this role you will responsible for all server and office computer installations, and anything related to system configuration. You will be an important long-term person of our team, because the daily functioning of all our systems will fully depend on you.

    Марта Кухарська
    Марта Кухарська, Рекрутер в Dutchstar      Львов · No experience · Intermediate
  • 8 October

    We are looking for a Video Tagging Analyst to join our team. It can be a person without experience but with good English ( at least Upper-Intermediate level)

    Anastasiia Bogach
    Anastasiia Bogach, IT Recruiter at Israel IT      Львов · No experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 7 October

    Project Manager

    Anna Fedorus
       Anna Fedorus, HR manager at Sombra, Lviv      Львов · No experience · Intermediate
  • 7 October

    We are looking for Strong Junior/Middle developer for our line of ideas/games. We are working in areas of: - card trading games(like Magic the Gathering, Heartstone) -

    Oleh Mykhayloych
    Oleh Mykhayloych, CEO at Dapplica      Львов · No experience
  • 4 October

    Candidate will be responsible for development, maintenance and support of entertainment and media applications on embedded devices for home media entertainment.

    Marta Pavliv
    Marta Pavliv, Recruiting Specialist at GlobalLogic      Львов · No experience
  • 4 October

    TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS - Strong problem solving skills is a must - Knowledge of .NET framework, understanding its internals (CLR, JIT, GAC) - Basic knowledge of SQL - Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery - Understanding of how Web works

    Maryana Kovalyshyn
    Maryana Kovalyshyn, Recruiter at InterLogic      Львов · No experience · Intermediate
  • 3 October

    Шукаємо у нашу команду крутого SMM -менеджера, з хорошим відчуттям стилю та нестандартним мисленням для генерації контенту у соціальних мережах

    Nataliia Hoshovska
       Nataliia Hoshovska, HR Manager at Benamix      Львов · No experience
  • 3 October

    We are building the next generation of Cloud Management Platform for enterprises: highly focused on Terraform, DevOps, GitOps, everything as code, consistency, and simplicity.

    Оксана Смілка
       Оксана Смілка, Chief of Employee Success at Scalr Labs Ukraine      Львов · No experience · Pre-Intermediate
  • 3 October

    Rest Tech is a software company focused on designing, creating and deploying our own internal projects. This is a great opportunity for you to become an important team player with great career prospects.

    Hendrikus van Katwijk
    Hendrikus van Katwijk, I.T manager at Resttech      Львов · No experience

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