As a Software Build & Release Engineer, you will live on the front lines of the products we create. You will be responsible for a number of client's environments and build features used by millions of people every day.

Our customer is a large American company with complex management structure. Each team has their own limited number of tasks. The developed product is a client-server application. The server parts are Java, Tomcat, and Spring. The product is a part of large software solutions for Enterprise customers. There is a necessity of the permanent co-operating with other teams on the Customers side.

• 2+ years of experience in administration of Linux servers;
• Familiarity with the concepts of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/DevOps;
• Experience with Gradle;
• Experience with Groovy, Terraform;
• Familiarity with deployment/container technologies considered an asset, including Docker, Chef, Test Kitchen;
• Experience with Git scm (Github);
• Knowledge of or experience with commonly used CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Artifactory;
• Strong problem solving skills and an ability to work independently;
• Ability to communicate with development teams comfortably on a technical level;
• Good spoken and written English level (daily scrum/technical meetings with customer).

• Support and improvement of existing deployment framework (Terraform, Chef, Gradle, Groovy);
• Help other project teams with deployment issues;
• Pull requests review and merge (Github).

Job posted on 14 January 2020

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