On behalf of our Dutch client, we're looking for a skilful Sr Ruby Full-Stack developer to join a current team within Mobilunity family.

The company considers itself as a SAAS product for the rental market. Their app is built with Ruby on Rails and React + Redux.
They are looking for a kick-ass full stack developer to join our product team in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

A newbie is supposed to deal with being in charge of delivering customer's integrations and potentially roll out a marketplace. At first, you'll work closely together with technical leadership to learn about the business and API’s they already have in place.

As they are currently starting with a new process which is based on Agile, they work in 6-week cycles with variable sprint lengths depending on the scope of the project. After a 6-week cycle, there'll be a 2-week polishing where the developers are supposed to work on bugs that come up, improving parts that weren’t necessary to ship on time and determine a plan for what to build next.

Everybody on the project uses a flavour of git-flow (GitHub) to work together. To ensure great quality the PR reviews take place; everything is always tested on CI with RSpec, jest and cucumber/capybara.

The stack in a nutshell:
- Ruby on Rails
- React & Redux
- BEM + styled-components

Experience with:
- relational databases
- React, Vue, Meteor, Ember, or Angular 2
- writing scalable and maintainable code
- working in an Agile team
- TDD or BDD
- Git and code-reviewing

About mobilunity.com

Mobilunity is a global provider of Ukrainian based, dedicated development teams. We believe that the key to any successful endeavor lies in the people that commit themselves to it. Therefore we leverage the relationships that we have locally, to unite companies from around the world, with the very best in Ukrainian development. All done by investing in people, ensuring employee retention, effective teamwork, and advanced performance.
At the core of our business lies what we call the 3Rs of Nearshoring. Relationships, Recruitment, and Retention.

Company website:

DOU company page:

This job is no longer active.
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