If you are adventurous and purposeful engineer, then this position is exactly for you. We are building an innovative product on the border of task and email management, seamlessly integrating both. We strongly need your help with writing fully functional connector to GMail. Come join us!

Required skills:
— fluent with NodeJS ecosystem
— experience in electron/react/sqlite
— strong understanding of SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 stack
— experience in writing network applications

Considered as a plus:
— references to completed projects
— experience in mobile app development

Type of work:
— full-time remote work in the team of 4 people located in Dnepr, Kyiv & Wroclaw

Scope of work:
— develop mail connectivity & synchronization layer with GMail

... then:
— proceed with similar implementation for MS Exchange, outlook.com, Yahoo, standard SMTP/IMAP server
— depending on skillset, contribute into business logic and UI layer

Product vision:

Task & Email Management software to drive corporate employees in organizing emails and managing their tasks consistently on desktop and mobile, in a simple, intelligent and secure way where:

— consistency means single task management context available on all affected devices,
— desktop is both Windows and MacOS X,
— mobile is both iOS and Android,
— simplicity means clean UI with easy navigation,
— intelligent means both automatic linkage of communications to tasks and promoting SMART
principles to task management,
— secure means treating all corporate communications as a Holy Grail that should be exclusively within the boundaries of the corporate environment.

About intoTask

We are a team of professionals with diversified skills: artwork & design, business administration & corporate governance, project management & team leadership, JavaScript/C++/Java/shell programming, network administration & configuration management.

We aim to launch a product to alleviate pain with managing, coordinating and executing tasks coming from multiple sources like email and messengers, and to drive the market on the new approach how to handle emails seamlessly as tasks.

Company website:

This job is no longer active.
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