We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer who will participate in refactoring, redesigning, and improving the data platform, as well as participate in the development of new projects.


— 5+ years of experience in Data Engineering/Software Engineering/Database Development
— Strong understanding of business, customer, product, and clickstream analytics, recommendations and personalization, A/B testing
— Database proficiency: experience with both relational and NoSQL databases
— Understanding of ETL and data curation
— Hands-on experience working with large data sets
— Proficiency with Scala and Java (and JVM ecosystem in general)
— Strong understanding and experience:
— MapReduce systems: Hive, Hadoop
— Spark, Spark SQL, and Spark Streaming
— Kafka ecosystem (Kafka Connect / Kafka Streams)
— Workflow/job scheduling systems (Apache Airflow)
— Distributed query execution engines (e.g., Presto)
— Service-based architectures and containerization
— AWS (EMR, S3)
— Upper-Intermediate English level

— Database/Data Warehousing background


— Work with the Data Engineering team to refactor, redesign, and improve the data platform
— Support architectural initiatives to improve reliability, resiliency, stability, and data quality
— Participate in the development of new projects
— Build ETL pipelines using Kafka/Spark/Hive
— Monitor the health of our system and optimize for performance and cost savings
— Support daily ETL jobs monitoring and participate in correcting any issues that arise
— Develop unit and integration tests

About the Project/Product:

IMVU is an online metaverse and social network. IMVU had over four million active users in 2014. The current number of active players is 6M+, and the site has a virtual goods catalog of more than 40 million items.
We are creating the next generation of VR social networks, based on a distributed, service-mesh-type architecture with underlying Java, MongoDB, GODOT engine, and other technologies, deployed via Kubernetes onto AWS and Google infrastructure.
We have a team in California and in Kyiv, Ukraine.

About Rails Reactor

Rails Reactor is a software company, an investment partner and an educational hub.

With the headquarters in San-Francisco and offices in Boston and New-York, we keep abreast of the US business scene.

Using our special expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Mobile, AR/VR and more, we deliver our services across multiple industries like Healthcare, E-commerce, Retail, Marketing Automation tools and On-demand services mainly for US-based customers.

We build software solutions for Enterprise level businesses, for SMBs and for startups. We also provide thought leadership, education and events to maintain an innovative mindset and forward thinking attitude.

Besides delivering software solutions, Rails Reactor pays great attention to building and improving local JS, AI, PM and multiple other communities in Kyiv. We do that by running and hosting meetups, workshops, and hackathons under the brand “Meetup Tonight”.

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Job posted on 18 November 2019

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