We are seeking an independent Python Developer, who is ready to work on complex tasks and offer reasonable solutions.

If you have a passion for Python and would like to help us build core infrastructure and customer-facing web applications, then why don’t you join our fresh AdTech project?
As a Full Stack Engineer, you will have the chance to work on the Back-end microservices powering our measurement product, in addition to our customer-facing dashboards, and the platform’s public APIs.

You will have the opportunity to tinker around with the latest tech, learn new skills, sharpen your existing ones, and make a difference in a rapidly growing company. Also, you will have a chance to participate in our bi-annual Engineering Hack Week to compete for a Grand Prize.

The product is a leading AdTech platform for advertisers that allows to:
- identify, measure and engage target audience
- apply advanced analytics and get ICP insights, target account, and contact selection
- engage high-fit accounts with advertising and SDR emails (powered by retargeting and personalization)
- analyze and improve campaign and engagement metrics
- benefit from CRM and marketing automation connectors

Operating worldwide, it offers 5X ROI to its investors and engages demand to advertising analytics. The platform is built with Python (Flask), PostgreSQL, ReactJS, runs on AWS, and there is so much more to do for our big multi-national team!

Work on all levels of the web stack leaning heavily towards the Front-end (Python/Flask, PostgreSQL, JavaScript (React or Angular)
Collaborate with product managers, designers, other engineers to plan, scope, build, and deploy new features
Help establish technical standards and methodologies as the products scale up
Build for performance and reliability
Code responsibly: minimize tech debt, advocate for change or investment as needed, test and monitor everything
Mentor, teach, hire, and share your knowledge to make our engineering team stronger

At least 4 years of experience building production web applications in a corporate or startup environment
Experience with JavaScript (React or Angular)
Experience with Python, Flask
Good knowledge of AWS
Experience with Docker, CI/CD
Experience with Agile development methodologies
Upper-Intermediate level of English

Job posted on 8 January 2020

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