Our Scraping professional as part of the IT team, will be responsible for the extraction of web data, including code development, production and implementation.

Our "Scraping professional or agency", as part of the IT team, will be responsible for the extraction of web data, including code development, production and implementation, ensuring high quality idea generation, a rapid turnaround time on iterations and feedback, and awareness of best practices to deliver rapid results which can be sustained over time.
Today our scraping infrastructure is using Scrapy/Python, but we are open to explore different solutions. Your initial task will be to set up a scraper for one website, but in the future we are open to partner on multiple concurrent assignments; therefore these specs are broader than the initial website, which will be part of a separate briefing to successful candidates meeting the initial screening criteria.

Specific requirements for our broader scraping needs, beyond the first trial website:
- Target websites requiring cookies and session information
- Target websites requiring a headless browser to extract JS-created information
- Distributed parallel scraping, with proxy rotation and task monitoring
Deliverables: scraping new e-commerce web domains, including all their current product pages, for pricing and product features information. We are looking for support with getting the initial data extraction, as well as the code used to source it, so we can schedule the job for future repetition from our machines.

- Independent capability of code development to a professional B2B finish level
- Ability to design, plan and execute best-in-class scraping code
- Constant communication in English for mutual feedback

WEBSITE: https://evopricing.com/

About Skillsquare

Skillsquare is an IT hub in Lviv that hosts several tech startups from USA and Germany. We have a charming office in the heart of Lviv with awesome people working in it. We are mainly hosting product companies and are not an outsourcing agency.

Always aiming to offer the best working atmosphere in the city, we appreciate your input about what perks and benefits you would like to enjoy when working here.

Hosted companies that are currently hiring:

Company website: https://skillsquare.global/

This job is no longer active.
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