Typescript/Python Developer for Research and Development \ video streaming (offline)

Trembit is video solution provider that helps clients to utilize video streaming in full with their products. We make R&D or use existing video solutions. Among them: video chats, telehealth, broadcast studios, video convertion, transcribe and recording in real-time.


About project: Opportunity to work with different technologies in different projects, including typical web apps, and Video Streaming related project, and AI wrappers. Example projects: video chats like google meet, speech to text integration into video chats, admin panels, AI based document parsing tools, voice cloning tools.


Product: R&D of PoC and solutions on client requests.


Project Technologies: TypeScript, Python, WebSockets, AWS, Firebase, Angular, React, NodeJS, Clouds, WebRTC, HLS, 3rd party integrations.


Project duration: 12m+


Must have skills (hard, technical):

- must have 5+ years in software development for web projects;

- strong coding skills in Javascript/Typescript, Python;

- at least 2 years expertise in backend development, preferebly Node.js;

- comfortable to work with video streaming domain;

- Upper Intermediate English level.


As a plus skills (hard, technical):

- be able to design software architecture and write specifications;

- comfortable Linux usage, CI/CD, AWS usage, Docker. The more DevOps skills the better;

- understanding network protocols, WebSocket, NAT.


Interview stages:

Technical part (1 stage): tech online interview with БВО.

Final part (2 stage): online interview with CEO, HR, PM.


Work schedule:

The full-time work β€” 100% remote. Flexible workday (start from 8.00 to 11.00).