PHP/Symfony Developer (offline)

You will take part in the development of a Ukrainian startup. Our project is aimed at the agricultural market of Europe, England, and Ukraine. You will design and develop ambitious web applications. Agrotop is an Integrated Agrobusiness Management System.


Project description

A comprehensive platform for the management of agricultural companies. The new generation of farm management system for remote control of production processes in agribusiness, which allows:

To plan and analyze crop rotations, and implementation of technological maps of fields and fieldwork.

To automate task setting for soil selection and scouting, as well as monitor its implementation.

To obtain in automatic mode high-quality visualization of soil analyses and monitor crops with the help of satellite images.

To analyze automatically the efficiency of work by enterprises, departments, and fields.

Technology: PHP 8, Symfony 5.4, doctrine, docker, rabbitmq, gitlab.


Job Requirements:

● 3+ years of experience with PHP (recent PHP 7 experience required)

● Excellent knowledge Symfony framework

● Deep understanding of OOP, SOLID, Patterns, and principles

● Strong knowledge of SQL

● Experience with Docker

● Unit Testing

● Problem-solving skills

● Good knowledge of GIT

● Architecture: ability to design applications, based on business needs

● Experience in Linux environment development

● Experience in using Composer for dependency management


Nice haves:

● Knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript

● Experience with React/Vue or similar frameworks

● Knowledge of Agile Methodologies

● Experience in designing, building, and using REST APIs

● Hands-on experience with CI/CD technics (TeamCity)

● Experience with Postgres

Personal skills:

● Great communication skills and attention to detail

● Positive attitude



● Work with Jira on scheduled tasks

● Task time control

● Detailed study of the logic of the project

● New features development

● Integrations with third-party services

● Development of the API endpoints

● Admin panel features development

The job ad is no longer active

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