Senior AWS DevOps (offline)



- Location in Poland

- 5+ years of hands-on experience with infrastructure and cloud environments.

- Proficient in Infrastructure as Code using Terraform.

- Experience in establishing monitoring systems with effective alert strategies.

- Ability to handle stress during infrastructure downtimes.

- Strong documentation skills for universal understanding.

- Proficiency in one coding language (Go, Python, Java, C).

- Expert knowledge in Kubernetes and GitOps for secure and reliable operations

- Passion for automation, experience with CICD tools (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab)

- Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills.

- Collaborative and friendly team player with the ability to work remotely.

- Strong spoken and written English skills - Upper-Intermediate level or higher




- AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate or Professional certification

- Master's Degree (MSc) or equivalent experience in a technical field (e.g., Computer Science, Engineering)




- You will be part of the infrastructure team; we expect the new joiner to bring challenging ideas and controversial opinions to always keep pushing forward the platform.

- The infrastructure team is meant to help the other teams (Data and Application team) to support them in their tasks. You will need to automate as much as possible the infrastructure and create documentation for the teams to operate independently.

- As the project is in an insurance environment, customer data is critical, so you'll need to protect it very carefully while allowing speed of development. Creativity is always required to bring new concepts that allow to be more secure but still do not impact the other teams.

- You will be responsible for what you build and the way you build it, meaning you should put effort into thinking beforehand. You should design the solution and share those ideas with your colleagues. Stand strong on your ideas but also accept feedback. Always question yourself and question your solution on how it can be improved.

- Embrace the idea of automation! While recognizing that everything can be automated, it's essential to use common sense: assess whether the effort is justified in terms of time spent and benefits.

- The main goal is customer quality, so the team should design and implement strategies to make sure the platform is running flawlessly. A good monitoring solution, with quality alerts that are triggered only when needed. And finally, a good set of runbooks that will need to be built and improved.

- Collaborate with the Platform Architect, constantly upskilling and staying informed about emerging technologies.




- Competitive salary depending on your experience;

- Professional development opportunities;

- Study and practice of English: courses and communication with colleagues and clients from different countries;

- Compensation package (paid vacation, sick leaves);

- Comfortable office or possibility to work remotely.




Our customer is the largest German insurance company and one of the biggest insurance across the world. Their platform is running on top of AWS. They have several accounts, built following the cloud landing zone concept. The team uses SaaS solutions to improve the scalability, usability, and security of the platform, in particular:


- Datadog is used for monitoring purposes

- Okta is the center of Identity and user management

- Prisma Cloud to gather insights and benchmark the platform with the best security practices

- Cloudflare to provide zero trust access to internal applications (no VPN is used)

All the applications are deployed using Kubernetes, the team is managing 4 Kubernetes clusters for different environments.


The team's belief is Automation and Infrastructure as code, therefore, nothing is done manually - there's a CI/CD that deploys resources using Terraform/Terragrunt and Argocd/Helm.