CEO (Gambling) (offline)

We are an iGaming company that was founded over 3 years ago by a group of passionate professionals and today we are 500+ people strong!

We have 10+ own brands that are extremely popular among customers and are targeted at Tier 1-3 countries.

Due to rapid development, we are expanding our partner team and are hiring for the position of CEO


Tasks and responsibilities:

- Ensuring product development and profitability;

- Transforming strategy into practical steps for growth by implementing organization-wide goal setting;

- Control financial management, budgeting and financial stability;

- Control daily activities, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness;

- To maintain strong relations with partners, ensuring satisfaction of their needs and prompt resolution of any problems;

- Monitor the company's activities and employee productivity, creating an inclusive culture that ensures the prosperity of team members and the achievement of organizational goals;

- Recruit, develop and lead a high-performing executive team


What we expect:

- Experience in the iGaming niche or related niches;

- 3+ years of work in management positions;

- Outstanding organizational and leadership qualities, as well as obvious competence in strategic planning and business development;

- Strong analytical skills, ability to use data to make business decisions;

- Deep understanding of financial business processes;

- Assessment of the company's risks, ensuring their control and minimization;

- Excellent communication skills;

- Availability of knowledge in related fields (Finance, Legal, Marketing);

- Management of a team of 500+ employees.


We offer:

- Flexible work schedule remotely;

- Paid sick and vacation days;

- Cool and creative gifts for holidays and important events of employees;

- Necessary equipment for work as needed;

- Competitive salary and incentives for your contribution and result;

- The opportunity to participate in the company's internal events: open negotiations, product meetings and trainings on the development of soft skills;

- Absence of micromanagement, hierarchy, fast decision-making speed;

- The possibility of moving to European countries where we have offices;

- Attending top conferences around the world.