DevOps Engineer (offline) $3500-5500

About project:


For our Client – a multinational professional services company, we are looking for a qualified DevOps Engineer with a good knowledge of English to join our IT team.


Here are the tasks associated with the role:


- Assume end-to-end DevOps responsibility as part of the product team by communicating with stakeholders.

- Contribute to the development of a future-ready container orchestration platform, covering build, deployment, and test automation as well as provisioning of infrastructure components in cloud and on-premise environments.

- Maintain the application by measuring and monitoring availability, latency, and overall system health.

- Design concepts, evaluate tools, and technologies to improve every aspect of the container orchestration platform, including CI/CD pipeline.


Here are the qualifications required for the role:


- Extensive know-how and practical experience in stream processing, specifically Apache Flink.

- Good knowledge of English.

- Know-how to integrate Apache Flink in conjunction with Apache Pulsar.

- Configuration management skills using tools like Terraform and Ansible.

- Security expertise including practice with certification management and standard authentication mechanisms.

- Strong scripting skills, ideally in Python and Bash.

- Strong soft skills and a team working spirit.

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