Senior Marketing Analyst For Brand Accelerator (offline)

Hi There,


We're on the hunt for a genius Senior Marketing Analyst for our company Growth Shop where we scale and launch DTC brands, including some high-profile global brands and portfolio brands we have ownership in.


We had to choose Agency or Product for this post...Growth Shop is really neither and a bit of both. The best of both worlds.


Our focus is not just on scaling brands, but constantly refining our methodology, tooling, and technology, so that each subsequent project is faster, smoother, and higher impact.


We have built some big brands like Nectar Sleep from $10M-$240M (the fastest growing consumer brand in the USA in 2018) and Victoria Beckham Beauty tripling growth in over 24 months. With many others.


We have a lean full-stack, senior team growth team. We believe in no bullshit, no ego, no politics - just fast growth while enjoying the process.


We're looking for a Senior Marketing Analyst to help crack fun and challenging growth problems with analysis and predictive models across LTV, budget allocation, funnel performance, optimizing targets based on unit economics and contribution margin...and everything in between.


Remote work. A very fun and intelligent team. Plenty of career and personal growth.