Senior iOS SDK Engineer (offline)


SDK Maintenance: Oversee the existing Analytics SDK, ensuring its smooth operation, addressing bugs, and constantly optimizing for performance and efficiency.

Feature Development: Conceptualize and implement new features in line with business goals. Employ best coding practices and integrate comprehensive unit tests to ensure functionality, maintainability, and superior user experience.

Unit Testing: Develop and maintain unit tests for existing and new features to verify functionality, detect bugs, and guarantee SDK reliability.

Code Collaboration and Review: Collaborate with the development team to enhance code quality. Engage in code reviews, share best practices, and contribute to a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Performance Optimization: Continuously assess and improve the performance of the SDK, focusing on aspects such as memory management, efficient data handling, and minimization of resource usage.

Cross-functional Collaboration: Work closely with product managers, UI/UX designers, and other engineering teams to ensure seamless integration and alignment of the SDK with overall product objectives.



Proficient in UIKit and Swift UI, with a deep understanding of their capabilities and limitations.

Solid experience with Swift, including familiarity with its latest features and updates.

Strong knowledge of multi-threading, concurrency, and asynchronous programming, especially with Dispatch/Grand Central Dispatch.

Proven track record in writing effective unit tests, with experience in test-driven development preferred.

Experience with WebSocket for real-time data transfer.

Expertise in URLSession and a comprehensive understanding of low-level networking in iOS.

Familiarity with Objective-C, allowing for integration and maintenance of legacy code where necessary.

Proficiency in handling various data formats such as XML, JSON, and Protobuf.

In-depth knowledge of CoreData for local data storage and management.

Familiarity with Swift Package Manager (SPM) for dependency management.


Nice to have:

Experience in developing and maintaining SDKs or APIs.

Familiarity with Agile/Scrum methodologies.

Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.


What do we offer?

Competitive salary based on your professional experience

Stable employment in the fast growing international company

Wide benefit system

Dynamic work environment

Ability to influence business and its results

Professional growth — you will attend free external and internal courses

Paid business trips and payment for participation in conferences

Paid corporate language classes (English, German, Polish)


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