Senior/Lead PPC marketing manager (offline)

We are currently looking for a teammate for a pioneer product. We are seeking a dynamic individual to be the first marketer in our brand-new department, focusing on MFI Broker (MX market). This is a unique opportunity to start a completely new traffic source and niche from scratch.


Key responsibilities and tasks:

- Demonstrate proficiency in initiating entirely new niches from the ground up. Conduct thorough analyses of niche possibilities to identify untapped opportunities.

- Strategically design, manage, and continuously optimize advanced Google Ads campaigns, with a focus on driving significant traffic and high conversion rates for complex operations.

- Conduct comprehensive keyword research using sophisticated tools and methods to identify and target high-value, niche keywords for specialized campaigns.

- Develop, implement, and refine complex bidding strategies, leveraging advanced knowledge of Google Ads algorithms to maximize campaign ROI and align with broader business objectives.

- Lead in-depth analysis of campaign performance using advanced Google Analytics techniques and additional analytics tools. Provide insightful, data-driven reports and recommendations.

- Initiate and drive innovative approaches to enhance campaign performance based on current trends and predictive analytics.

- Take ownership of high-stakes projects, demonstrating problem-solving prowess and decision-making skills in rapidly evolving environments.




- Minimum of 3 years of experience in managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns, preferably in a high-volume setting.

- Demonstrated ability to work autonomously, exhibiting strong decision-making skills and independence, coupled with a collaborative mindset for team projects.

- Showcasing a strong understanding of budget allocation and financial efficiency.

- Proven track record of substantial success in generating high traffic and conversions, with evidence of tangible results and impacts.

- Advanced proficiency in analytics, including deep expertise in ROI calculations, data interpretation, and strategy adjustment based on analytical insights.

- Proactivity and desire to make an impact on product development.


We offer:

- Remote working depending on location

- Competitive salary. Compensation that will help you focus on your projects and personal development

- 20 days of vacation, 100% sick leave compensation

- Benefit list including compensation for sport, English, medical insurance

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