Senior Python Developer (offline)

πŸ”₯AI Dating project


Hi, we're looking for a Middle/Senior Python Developer for our project - Here's the gist: a person interacts with an AI girl on various topics, there's image generation, and soon there will be video :) We've gathered a strong team and now we're looking for a new member who can help us bring all ideas to life and expand into new markets.


Are you with us?



β€” 5+ years of experience with Python3;

β€” Proficiency in FastAPI, aiohttp for building REST APIs;

β€” Knowledge of GraphQL and experience with its implementation using Graphene or Strawberry for creating GraphQL APIs;

β€” Experience with WebSockets for developing interactive applications;

β€” Understanding of asyncio and experience applying it in web development;

β€” Familiarity with SQLAlchemy for database operations, particularly with PostgreSQL;

β€” Experience using Alembic for managing database migrations;

β€” Ability to work with Docker and Docker Compose for containerization and local deployment of applications;

β€” Knowledge of Kubernetes for orchestrating and managing containerized applications;

β€” Experience with Celery and Redis for asynchronous task processing;

β€” Proficiency in Uvicorn for running web servers.



β€” creative and friendly team without hierarchy within;

β€” opportunity to work remotely in the office, it’s up to you;

β€” 18 days of paid vacation per year and 5 days of sick leave;

β€” offer compensation for gym memberships;

β€” compensation for educational platforms and English language classes;

β€” corporate English language courses and speaking club;

β€” coverage for psychotherapy sessions on the platform.



β€” development of a backend for a mobile application;

β€” backend development for third party integration;

β€” support/improvement of the telegram bot;

β€” backend development for web app;

β€” active communication with the international team.