FullStack developer (offline) $1800-2400

About the Company


We are a dynamic startup focused on creating an advanced project in the field of logistics and delivery. Our team is looking for a passionate developer ready to take part in building a technologically innovative product.




- A unique opportunity to join the team at the early stages of project development.

- Flexible work schedule and the option for remote work.

- Collaboration with experienced freelancers, opening up wide opportunities for professional growth.


Skills and knowledge


Mandatory Skills:


- Frontend: HTML, CSS, TypeScript (JavaScript), React.

- Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform.

- Backend: REST, Python.

- MongoDB: Knowledge of Docker.


Additional Skills:


- AntD + Material-UI for Frontend.

- Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, Secret Manager for Infrastructure.

- FastAPI, PyMongo, Mongoengine, Pydantic, Pytest, Poetry, multithreading & asyncio for Backend.

- Experience with MongoDB and Docker, as well as basic skills in working with Shell.




- Development of key project components using cutting-edge technologies.

- Collaboration with freelancers for accelerated project implementation.

- Proposing and implementing improvements to existing code.


Recruiting process


–  Β  Pre-screening interview with HR to get to know each other;


–  Β  Technical interview with CEO to assess your skills and experience;


Apply now to be a key player in our dynamic team, contributing not just as a developer but as a FullStack Engineer shaping the future of our product!