Senior UX Researcher (offline)

Project Description:

As a Senior UX Researcher at Luxoft, you will be responsible for planning and executing research and translating findings from observations and feedback into compelling and actionable recommendations that highlight user motivations and empower stakeholders to make decisions confidently. You will work closely with product managers, designers, and developers to identify and prioritize research opportunities to satisfy both business objectives and user goals. You will contribute within high-performing, cross-organizational teams by applying working knowledge and experience in the practice of human-centered design.


β€’ Lead UX research on projects from start to finish

o Develop research strategy and plan research activities

o Prepare and conduct mixed method research (e.g. surveys, interviews, usability testing, workshops, focus groups, heuristic evaluations) to gather qualitative and quantitative data.


o Design and execute research methods such as card sorting, personas development, and user journey mapping.


o Analyze and synthesize research findings into prioritized insights. Interpret data in the context of business goals, product strategy, and user needs to support the development of products and services.


o Develop final deliverables (reports, decks) to share and present findings in a clear and actionable manner to inform design decisions.


β€’ Identify research opportunities and recommend appropriate research methods based on your experience


β€’ Facilitate workshops and discussions with clients to review and align on research results, recommendations, prioritization, opportunities and risks


β€’ Maintain a positive and impactful relationship with stakeholders, peers, clients, vendors, and engineering teams.


β€’ Collaborate with product managers, designers, and developers to ensure research findings are integrated into the product development process. Act as a bridge between user research insights and the design and development teams.


β€’ Evaluate the usability of digital products and interfaces. Identify and prioritize usability issues and work with the team to recommend and implement improvements.

β€’ Work closely with designers to provide user insights that inform the creation of wireframes, prototypes, and design iterations. Ensure that the user experience aligns with user expectations and industry best practices.


β€’ Uphold ethical standards in user research, ensuring that participant confidentiality and privacy are maintained. Adhere to ethical guidelines and seek informed consent from participants.

Mandatory Skills Description:

β€’ 5+ years of experience in a UX researcher role

β€’ Experience leading UX research projects from start to finish

β€’ Experience working on cross-functional teams and collaborating with designers and developers

β€’ Understanding and strong working knowledge of:

o UX and user-centered design principles and processes

o Qualitative and quantitative methods and tools

o Strengths and weaknesses of different research methodologies

o UX/UI design and product development (understanding of the process and how UX Research supports that process)

β€’ Strong analytical skills, with the ability to synthesize complex data into actionable insights

β€’ Excellent verbal and written communication skills with ability to clearly and impactfully present findings to cross-functional audiences and senior leadership

β€’ Strong collaboration and client management skills

Nice-to-Have Skills:

β€’ Experience working with clients in the financial/legal institutions industry.

β€’ Degree or certification in human-centered research or equivalent area of study. (e.g. human-computer interaction, anthropology, psychology, sociology, user experience)

β€’ Experience working as the sole UX Researcher on a project

β€’ Experience working in an Agile development environment


English: C1 Advanced