Our company is looking for a developer that will work on creating important back end infrastructure that ties together front and back end for web development. Automate a number of accounting, reconciliation and analytical processes. As well as develop a testing framework for all of the above.

3+ years of experience in software development

- Backend experience: .NET, C#, Asp.Net MVC, Web-Api, SQL;
- Knowlеdge in: Unit testing, code optimization, REST services architecture;
- Frontend Understanding: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, webpack, gulp;
- VPS/AWS/GCP/Azure, remote server management;
- Ability to Independently setup of DB/Host/Backend/Front end infrastructure with complete understanding of all elements
- Continuous delivery systems like Jenkins, Team City
- API development/integration

Nice to Have:
- ASP.NET Core
- PostgreSQL
- Cloud technology stack like Azure/AWS/GCP (Queue, Service Bus, Table Storage, Web Services, Web Jobs, Blob Storage)
- Typescript
- UI framework/libraries like react, angular, Vue etc
- Specification creation from business requirements

Other Qualities (an asset, not a requirement):
- Development and testing processes and guidelines implementation
- Ability to review code

Ideal Candidate:
- Is a thinker that is looking to solve a problem, rather than complete a task
- Wants to work in a rapidly growing startup and grow with it
- Reads and understands English
- Has basic writing skills in English
- More in the About Us section.

Work Environment:
- Remote Work
- Flexible Hours

About Intuit Marketing

I.M. is a rapidly growing digital marketing startup that focuses on scaling revenue for our clients through performance marketing based on statistical analysis of measurable results. Most of our clientele is in North America, as is our head office.

From a technical standpoint the success of our company is heavily relied on a strong front/back end with a reliable infrastructure and a solid support network. All our team members are goal oriented, are highly communicable and we welcome more like-minded, passionate individuals.

Why work with us?
- Respectful environment where you are treated as an individual
- Remote work and flexible work hours that are goal oriented
- Opportunity to take on more responsibility and grow professionally
- Very strong input in what you do and how you do it

Who should work with us?
- You want to be part of the decision process
- You aren't looking to do tasks
- You're a creative thinker and want to join a growing start up
- You are an intermediate professional that understand high level problems, can do low level tasks and recognizes the importance of each
- You're willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn new technologies that are more suited to a specific goal than what you currently know
- You have high respect for what you do and aim to deliver not something that works, but something that works well
- You are comfortable working in team or completely independently
- You are good at multitasking and welcome the change of pace and dynamics that follow

Company website:

This job is no longer active.
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