Sales Team Lead / Sales Manager (offline)

In a world where every keystroke matters, where tech meets humanity, Particles Global stands tall. Our company is a repository of knowledge, professionalism, and a story etched with experience. Our Team cultivates an environment, driven by a profound belief that attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.


Particles provides professional IT services (outstaffing, outsourcing, recruiting), focusing on the markets of the USA, Canada and the EU. Particles offers several models of cooperation to its customers, serving amazing businesses (product and service tech companies) from the global software development market.


Key industries Particles Global focuses on are: AI, Finance, E-commerce, Logistics, Healthcare, and Entertainment.


We are looking for a skilled Sales Specialist to join our Business Development Department. You will work in a close interaction with the Co-founders, Sales colleagues, with a PM, a Marketing Manager and a Recruitment team, playing an important role in the whole Sales process. You will be a Manager of a business development team, working on and achieving amazing sales results!


This is a great possibility to grow professionally, and to obtain a stable, exciting career!


Required skills:

- 4+ years of proven experience in IT industry, in such roles as BDM, SDR, Sales Specialist, Lead;

- Good understanding of IT outstaffing, IT outsourcing models of cooperation;

- Experience in setting up introduction calls with potential customers;

- Experience in conducting sales calls/negotiations over video meetings with customers;

- Recent experience in signing outstaffing or/and outsourcing deals with companies from the USA and Europe (in 2020-2023);

- Deep knowledge in holding negotiations with international customers;

- Proven experience in leading one or several researchers/lead generation specialists;

- Good knowledge of written and spoken business English;

- Good understanding of computer software and related industries;

- Experience working in CRM, with big amount of data;

- Experience working in LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and other relevant channels;

- Experience in systematic, analytical work;

- Strong organizational skills;

- Positive, analytical thinking, and vivid mindset generally;

- Curiosity and persistence.


Advantageous experience in:

- Marketing area;

- Applying different automation tools.



- Work with the CRM in a proper, efficient way;

- Being a leader of the team, give an example how to work with LinkedIn and other channels to chase and attract new potential customers;

- Work with automatization tools, propose and fulfill new ideas related to automation;

- Manage and coach 2 experienced Business Development Managers as a starting point, helping them to hit the goals of setting up introduction meetings about business;

- Conduct sales calls with customers in a professional manner, accompany them through the next steps, like organizing interviews between developers and a customer in a close interaction with recruiters, etc;

- Lead/catch up with business correspondence with numerous potential clients;

- Negotiate and close contracts (outstaffing, outsourcing, and recruiting) with new clients;

- Be well organized and focused on the work processes;

- Report to Co-founders on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis;

- Master your skills in business negotiations;

- To think, to breathe, and to live in Sales J.


As a part of our growing team you will get:

- Friendly attitude;

- Trainings from the Sales expert;

- Professional growth;

- Ability to have a flexible schedule;

- Ability to propose and embed new processes in the company;

- Monthly compensation fixed in USD;

- Bonuses, a motivation plan;

- 20 paid days off (vacation and sick leave) per year;

- Presents, team building activities, etc.


You will get significant help from the Co-founder (a sales professional) and your team members, but it is expected that you’ll take over the responsibility to conduct introduction calls efficiently, and sign new customers!

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