Data Transformation Developer (offline)

Software Engineer - Code Translator Specialist, Data Transformation Developer


Zoral, a leading provider of research and development to the software industry, is searching for an experienced Software Engineer - Code Translator Specialist, Data Transformation Developer to join its development center in remotely.


Detailed Skills:

β€’ Programming Proficiency: Proficient in multiple programming languages, with a strong emphasis on languages relevant to data structures and script languages. (e.g., Python, JavaScript)

β€’ Code Translation Expertise: Extensive experience in writing automated translators for seamless conversion between different data structures and script languages.


β€’ Understanding of Code Translators: In-depth knowledge of various code translation techniques, algorithms, and methodologies. Ability to analyze, optimize, and develop efficient translation processes.


β€’ Programming Languages Mastery: Expertise in programming languages commonly used for writing code translators, ensuring a deep understanding of language nuances, syntax, and best practices.


β€’ Grammar and Syntax Knowledge: Familiarity with grammars and syntax rules in different programming languages. This includes understanding the structure and composition of programming constructs.


β€’ Interpreter Experience: Practical experience working with interpreters to execute and analyze code. Proficient in troubleshooting and debugging code execution issues.


β€’ Yacc Familiarity: Knowledgeable in Yacc (Yet Another Compiler-Compiler) and its applications in parsing and generating translators. Ability to work with Yacc grammars for effective code translation.


β€’ Data Analysis: Proficient in data analysis techniques, including the ability to analyze and interpret data structures. Understanding of statistical methods and data visualization for effective analysis.


β€’ Data Transformation: Expertise in transforming and manipulating data structures for seamless integration between different systems. Ability to design and implement data transformation processes.



β€’ Develop Automated Translators: Design, implement, and maintain automated translators capable of converting code and data structures between different languages.


β€’ Code Translation Optimization: Continuously enhance and optimize code translation processes, considering the nuances of data structures. Improve efficiency, performance, and accuracy in data transformation.


β€’ Programming Language Integration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate the automated translators seamlessly into various software applications and data processing pipelines.


β€’ Data Analysis and Interpretation: Apply data analysis techniques to understand the nature of data structures and facilitate better decision-making in the translation process.


β€’ Testing and Debugging: Perform thorough testing of automated translators to ensure reliability and accuracy in both code and data transformation. Debug and troubleshoot issues that may arise during the translation process.


β€’ Documentation: Create comprehensive documentation for automated translators and data transformation processes. This includes user guides and technical documentation for both developers and end-users.


β€’ Collaboration: Work closely with software architects, developers, data scientists, and other stakeholders to understand project requirements and contribute to the overall success of software development and data integration projects.



About projects:

We specialize in advanced software fields such as BI, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML), High Speed Computing, Cloud Computing, BIG Data Predictive Analytics, Unstructured Data processing, Finance, Risk Management and Security.

We create extensible decision engine services, data analysis and management solutions, real-time automatic data processing applications.


We are looking for the software engineers to design, build and implement large, scalable web service architecture with decision engine used as its base. If you are excited about development of artificial intellect, behavior analysis data solutions, big data approach then we can give you an opportunity to reveal your talents.

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