Influencer Manager (offline)

Job Description:

Tacans Labs, a leading financial technology company, is seeking an experienced and creative Influencer Manager to play a crucial role in developing and implementing impactful marketing strategies within the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) space.



β€’ Interacting with influencers in the crypto community and prominent blockchain figures.

β€’ Organizing and executing partnership projects with influencers.

β€’ Developing and implementing advertising and influence strategies through influencers.

β€’ Collaborating with internal teams to produce content for influencer campaigns.

β€’ Monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of influencer campaigns.



β€’ Mandatory experience in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

β€’ High level of communication skills and the ability to build effective relationships with influencers.

β€’ Understanding of current trends in the cryptocurrency space and their impact on consumers.

β€’ Ability to collaborate effectively with other internal departments, such as marketing and content.

β€’ Results-oriented with the ability to analyze the impact of influencer strategies on key performance indicators.


We offer:

β€’ Flexible Start: Set your own comfortable working hours that accommodate your individual needs.

β€’ Competitive Salary: High standards of remuneration reflecting your contribution and skills.

β€’ Vacation: Enjoy 22 days of vacation for full rejuvenation and life enjoyment.

β€’ Sick Leave: Ensure your health with 15 days of sick leave per year.

β€’ Special Leave Cases: Support for significant life events such as weddings, childbirth, or the loss of a close family member.

β€’ Team Building and Corporate Events: Strengthen team relationships through team-building activities and corporate events.

β€’ Comfortable Office: Work in a stylish and comfortable office for the best working experience.

β€’ Private Entrepreneur Support: Comprehensive support for individual entrepreneurs, ready to assist you with any issues related to individual entrepreneurship. Consultations and support for registration and tax accounting matters.


We aim to provide our employees with everything they need to achieve a balance between personal and professional life.