Media Buyer Facebook (crypto) (offline)

We are a digital marketing company, our main goal is to buy media from various types of traffic sources. And we're looking for a Media Buyer to join us and unleash their potential to the fullest.


Here's what we're looking for in our ideal candidate:


- Over 2 years of experience working with Facebook in the crypto vertical;

- Understanding of all the necessary elements of the Facebook buying process in the crypto vertical (tracking and optimisation, cloning, link building and testing, creating the structure of active advertising campaigns, ability to work with large volumes, etc;)

- Competent in the full cycle of advertising campaign management, including, but not limited to, tracking media budgets, optimising sub-sources, optimising by creatives and keys, etc;

- Understanding of key performance indicators of a media campaign (CTR, CR, CPL, CPA, ROI, etc.) and how to play with them;

- Ability to follow a simple daily schedule and achieve results on time;

- Ability to prioritise weekly goals and transform them into a personal step-by-step plan;

- An open-minded person who is ready to learn from colleagues and share their knowledge;

- Self-disciplined enough to work remotely;

- Upper-Intermediate level of English or higher.


Key responsibilities:


- Executing the full cycle of media buying from account creation to launching and optimising campaigns;

- Maintaining a sufficient budget for traffic sources throughout the week;

- Ordering/creating promotional materials (texts, creatives, landing pages);

- Daily communication with managers of advertising networks (most of the communication is in English).


Company benefits and advantages:


- Work in a dynamic environment;

- Friendly atmosphere and great team experience;

- Competitive salary, which corresponds to the results obtained;

- Paid sick leave and holidays;

- Remote work.