Why we?
We are mid-size IT-family with attractive opportunities for our members. You will be a part of a friendly team with nice internal culture.

Необходимые навыки
— Ansible or similar configuration management tool, 6+ months of experience;
— Docker or similar part of CD process, 6+ months of experience;
— NGINX or similar web-server/proxy, 6+ months of experience;
— Gitlab or similar CI/CD tool, you will be creating deployment from scratch;
— Git 1+ year of experience;
— Jira or similar task management tool, 6+ months of experience;
— EC2 Console 1+ year of experience;

Будет плюсом
— Bash, Python scripting skills for API requests, parsing, backuping etc;
— Prometheus, Kibana, Grafana visualization and metric collection;
— Kubernetes with AWS:EKS for high durable, scale applications;
— Terraform for managing our AWS and VMware infrastructure;

-Long-term project with attractive payment;
-Brand new office in city center of Kiev (Metro Pecherska) with young environment and talented guys;
-PE registration, handled by the Company’s accountant; + Monthly payment to the PE bank account;
-Flexible schedule depends on projects needs,
-20 working days of annual paid vacation;
-Interesting corporate events;
-Cool presents for Birthday and work anniversary;
-Fresh fruits/cookies/coffee/tea/candies.

As a part od DevOps team you will:
— Provide maintenance of 90+ VMs, 3 Phisical Servers and 15+ projects in live;
— Be part of the Operation team and hold 100+ mbit of traffic and 95% of servers uptime;
— Manage and improve the Continuous Integration infrastructure to support unified automated builds and testing for multiple teams and projects;
— Review and assess current infrastructure in place and provide specific options/improvements to configuration management and flexible delivery system to increase quality of software and to improve efficiency;
— Drive best practices for infrastructure automation, build execution and management, reduce SQA cycle times, increase adaption for continuous deployment;
— Work closely with the development teams to provide high quality, available, and dynamic solutions;
— Build, configure, and deploy to Dev, Staging, Prod environments;
— Use tools including GitLab CI, K8S, Docker to deploy to dynamic, scalable environments;
— Develop and maintain Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment systems;
— Incorporate automated tests and security scans into the CI/CD pipeline;
— Promote DevOps across functional teams and disciplines through collaboration, tooling and practices;
— Participate in ongoing design, implementation, and maintenance of systems and tools;
— Assist in movement towards use of modern technologies including containerization and cloud-native development;

About adraba.io

Adraba is a Professional Software Development Powerhouse, offering full transparency, putting together our talented team dedicated to various projects with the latest technologies. After joining us, you can realize your skills and acquire precious experience.

Company website: http://adraba.io

Job posted on 16 May 2019.

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