Mine Marketing is looking for a top-talented Financial Accountant.


- 2+ years of experience in Accounting on remote basis
- Be proficient in the latest financial management software, including accounting packages specific to your industry.
- Have Fluent or Advanced level of English is a must
- Strong skills in tools like Tableau, enabling the visualization of financial data for easier understanding and decision-making.
- Advanced knowledge of Excel for financial modeling, data analysis, API automation and reporting.
- Ability to integrate various financial tools and software to provide a seamless flow of data and automate processes.
- Stay updated on the latest financial tools, technologies, and best practices through courses, webinars, and certifications.


- Invoice Management (Team and Tech & Operations): Handle all incoming and outgoing invoices, ensuring they are accurate, timely, and properly recorded.
- Track and manage team attendance to ensure payroll accuracy and productivity optimization.
- Salary Management & Payouts: Oversee the entire payroll process, ensuring timely and accurate salary payouts, including bonuses, deductions, and other compensations.
- P/L (Profit and Loss) Management: Analyze and manage the company's profit and loss statements, identifying areas for potential improvement.
- Provide comprehensive and timely financial reports to the main financial manager, highlighting key metrics, trends, and areas of concern.
- Collaborate on financial forecasting, helping to anticipate and address potential financial challenges.
- Actively monitor and manage the company's liquidity, ensuring operational needs are met and there's no interruption in business continuity.
- Financial Analysis: Use data analytics to assess the company's financial health and make recommendations based on findings.
- Monitor and suggest cost-reducing strategies, while ensuring quality isn't compromised.
- Assist with Audits: Act as a point of contact and assist external auditors, ensuring all necessary documentation is in order and processes are transparent.
- Continually review and recommend improvements to the financial control processes to enhance accuracy and efficiency.
- Maintain awareness of industry financial benchmarks and market trends to ensure competitive positioning.
- Financial Automation : Identify processes that can be automated for efficiency and implement appropriate financial software or tools to do so through API or any other tools.
- Collaborate with various teams to align financial goals with operational
objectives and provide financial insights for departmental projects.
- Monitor amounts owed to the company and amounts the company owes, ensuring timely collections and payments.

What we offer:

- Part-time working day (4 hours/day)
- Opportunities for professional development and personal growth 🚀
- Competitive salary, reasonable and fair working conditions 💵
- A ridiculously awesome team and work environment 🎉
- Training opportunities, including paid courses and webinars 💻
- Remote working conditions 🏠
- Generous PTO and Holidays 🌴

About Mine Marketing

We are constantly looking for innovations and fresh solutions for our clients businesses. Our team will design the newest and the most effective strategy that will help you reach your business goals and skyrocket your rankings in search. Services we offer are the recipe to your success!

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Job posted on 21 November 2023
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  • Category: Other
  • Tableau, finance, accoutant
  • English: Advanced/Fluent
  • 2 years of experience
  • Full Remote
  • Product
  • Ukraine
  • Part-time