-Create high-quality animations for characters, creatures, props, and environments using Unreal Engine, adhering to project requirements, artistic direction, and technical constraints.
Collaborate closely with the art, design, and engineering teams to ensure animations are integrated seamlessly into the game, including implementing animations through Unreal Engine's animation systems.
-Understand and interpret animation briefs, storyboards, and reference materials to develop compelling and visually appealing animations that enhance the game's narrative, gameplay, and overall player experience.
-Rig characters and objects for animation, including creating skeletal structures, skinning, and applying appropriate constraints to ensure realistic and smooth motion.
-Animate a wide range of movements, including walk cycles, runs, jumps, attacks, and facial expressions, while maintaining consistency in style, tone, and quality throughout the game.
-Troubleshoot and resolve animation-related issues, such as rigging and skinning problems, animation blending, timing, and performance optimization, to ensure animations are polished and function correctly in-game.
-Stay updated with the latest animation techniques, tools, and best practices in Unreal Engine, and contribute to continuously improving the animation pipeline and workflow.

Your Experience

-Proficient in Unreal Engine and its animation systems, including Blueprints, Animation Blueprints, Montages, Sequences, and Skeletal Animation.
-Strong understanding of animation principles, such as timing, spacing, weight, anticipation, and follow-through, and the ability to apply them to create convincing and expressive character animations.
-Knowledge of 3D animation software, such as Maya, Blender, or 3ds Max, for rigging and skinning characters and objects.
-Experience with motion capture data processing, retargeting, and editing.
-Familiarity with game development pipelines, including asset creation, optimization, and integration into Unreal Engine.
-Excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines.
-Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.

About Creadits

Creadits' sole focus is developing ad creatives for performance campaigns. We call this Performance Design.

The world's largest advertisers are already on our platform:

World's largest e-commerce marketplaces
World's largest online gaming companies
World's leading direct-to-consumer brands

We have deep experience in online gaming, apps and direct-to-consumer goods in all major markets, with the insights and expertise to maximize creative performance in any campaign.
Our network is constantly enhanced by a dedicated creative operations team. which allows us to be on-trend with shifting creative tastes in multiple markets.

We have and are continuing to develop our native automated tools to unveil insights, set creative directions and build creative adaptations across platforms. This provides a machine-driven creative scale, anchored by human creativity and ingenuity from our network.

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Job posted on 21 November 2023
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  • Category: Artist
  • English: Intermediate
  • 3 years of experience
  • Domain: Gamedev
  • Full Remote
  • Product
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