Hey there! We're looking for a Sales Operation Specialist. Are you a natural lead generator, CRM-nerd, client-soothing professional who can juggle tasks like a pro? Do you value precision, team collaboration, adaptability, and a proactive work ethic? Great. We need someone to keep our sales machine running smoothly. Let's try!

Key Responsibilities:
- Scour the world for new leads. You're like a prospector, but instead of looking for gold, you're looking for people who might want our product.
- Work with our sales team to come up with ways to find new leads.
- Use every tool in the box to identify and engage potential customers.
- Manage customer relationships. Be the person our customers love to hear from, not the person they dread.
- Coordinate the delivery of gifts, presentations, and personalized communications to clients. You're like DHL of the top-notch service.
- Maintain and verify contractor data to make sure it's accurate and relevant.
- Ensure the accuracy and integrity of sales databases, CRM systems, and other tools.
- Generate reports and analytics. Provide the insights that make us say "Aha!" and not "Huh?"

Hard Skills:
- Understanding of sales processes and methodologies.
- Fluency in English (Upper Intermediate+).
- Experience with CRM systems and sales databases.
- Strong data management and analysis skills.
- Familiarity with customer relationship management principles and practices.

Soft Skills:
- Communication and interpersonal skills. Can you talk to a wall and get a response? Perfect.
- Detail-oriented. We need you to spot a needle in a haystack.
- Metaphorically. If you're actually able to do that though, let us know because that's impressive.
- Organizational and time management abilities. No need for juggling skills, but you might want to know how to manage you time, because we won’t.
- Problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Can you solve a Rubik's Cube? Neither can we. But can you solve complex problems under pressure? Now we're talking.
- Teamwork. You will be part of a team, even if you sometimes wish you weren't.
- Adaptability and flexibility in a fast-paced sales environment.
- Self-motivated and proactive. Making things happen makes us happy.

About Fedoriv marketing & innovations

We create and build brands that help business grow radically. To do that, we’ve devised a unique approach combining creativity, technology, and business — a full-scale ecosystem to fuel radical growth. We innovate faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient ways to tackle challenges. To date, we’ve created and changed more than 150 brands, and we’ve only just begun.

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