Launcher’s operations are now focused on developing the E-2 liquid rocket engine as a product available for sale to launch vehicle companies. E-2 is a LOX/Kerosene oxidizer-rich staged combustion engine that is expected to be the most efficient rocket engine for small launch vehicles. We are looking for an Operational Director who will head our office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Required Skills:

- 5+ years of leadership experience.
- Developed communication skills.
- Knowledge of local legislation.
- Knowledge of finance, taxation, and accounting.
- Work experience as part of an international team.
- Risk analysis and risk management skills.
- Flexibility to support various time zones and off-hours meetings.
- Proficient in both verbal and written communication skills in English.
- Verbal and written communication skills in Ukrainian.

Core Responsibilities:

- Oversee the LAUNCHER&VAST project’s operations and processes and teams, including finance, operations, grants under contract, procurement, information technology and human resources for the LAUNCHER & VAST Bulgaria strategy and operations.
- Ensure all project activities meet with Local Legislation and LAUNCHER&VAST Regulations and policies.
- Ensure application of all LAUNCHER & VAST documented policies and procedures for finance and operations.
- Oversee financial reports to LAUNCHER & VAST, including operating and activity budgets.
- Ensure that all financial information is consolidated on time and provided to the LAUNCHER&VAST

Financial Management:

- Ensure that project budget projections, expenditure, tracking, and reporting are in accordance with LAUNCHER&VAST project requirements, procedures, and practices for compliance and audits.
- Create and maintain financial reporting and tracking systems and provide financial performance updates on project activities.
Develop and manage project banking procedures and transactions.


- Ensure compliance with LAUNCHER&VAST policies, regulations and procedures governing the contract.
- Oversee the development of administrative and operations management systems and processes required to support project implementation, ensuring compliance with Local Legislation and LAUNCHER&VAST policies and regulations.

Operations Management:

- Manage the provision of operational support to project activities, ensuring that project senior management and program staff have the support required to implement planned activities.
- Manage implementation of financial, administrative, and human resources policies and procedures that meet project needs and corporate and client requirements.
- Provide ongoing financial administration to the project including approvals of purchase requisitions, local consultant agreements, and vendor invoices.
- Oversee procurement efforts for the project including selection and negotiation with vendors, and management of subcontractors on the project in compliance with LAUNCHER&VAST procurement regulations.
- Guide the administrative team on aspects of project annual work planning, and ensure that quality operational plans, budgets, and reports are submitted as per contract agreements.

Human Resources & Performance Management:

- Oversee all human resources management functions – recruitment, hiring, transition and termination; benefits administration; performance appraisal and ongoing performance management; leave tracking; rewards and recognition; disciplinary processes – in collaboration with the home office-based project team and human resources department.
- Supervise all financial, administrative, and operational project support staff.
- Ensure that staff, team members and consultants understand their roles and responsibilities and comply with contract requirements, LAUNCHER&VAST’s HR policies and procedures for hiring, performance reviews, terminations, etc.
- Provide training to staff on project procedures and build skill levels of project staff in the areas of finance, administration, and project management.

General Project Management:

- Contribute financial reports to monthly and quarterly reporting processes, to enable to provision of regular status and progress reports to LAUNCHER & VAST.
- In collaboration with the LAUNCHER&VAST, coordinate with the home-based project management team to ensure that all managerial and administrative matters are communicated, and actions comply with the provisions of the Contract and with LAUNCHER&VAST.
- Liaise with the home office-based project team and International Accounting Manager on all operational and financial issues.

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Job posted on 20 November 2023
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  • Category: Head Chief
  • English: Advanced/Fluent
  • 5 years of experience
  • Office Work
  • Product
  • Relocate, Bulgaria
  • Only candidates from Europe and Ukraine