Marketing / Ads Generalist to promote Apps and Services

We're looking for a young, eager and super savvy marketing generalist with an interest in promoting technology products and mobile apps in specific.

## What we're looking for
We're looking for someone to help promote two existing mobile applications and a couple more projects that we have on the pipeline. The goal is to get more users (and paid conversions) for these products. The "how" is what we'd figure out together... and yes, we expect you to learn a lot of it on the job :)

This means, however, you might:
1. Run ASO (App Store Optimisation) experiments.
2. Run App Store campaigns (paid);
3. Run Search Engine Ad campaigns;
4. Coordinate, prepare and fully fledge launch our products on Product Hunt and other platforms;
5. Submit these products to directories, Reddit and find meaningful ideas on how to engage people in these platforms;
6. Find relevant publications and pitch the product(s);
7. Make sure product is on radar to be included in comparison and recommendation listicles.
8. Identify product tweaks to increase viral-effects or self-promotion.
9. Come up with and implement your unique ideas!

## Qualifications
You don't need to have it all figured out. We don't, either. We're looking for someone more junior but that is willing to roll up the sleeves and have a unique opportunity to learn a lot by doing and experimenting a lot. This means, however, you need to be someone that is action-oriented (do, do, do...), resourceful and very curious to try and experiment new things.
That said you should:
1. Have an interest in technology, mobile apps and related areas.
2. Have basic knowledge of ASO, App Store and Search Engine Ads (or be willing to put in the effort to learn);
3. Experience promoting or otherwise doing any marketing for mobile apps and digital products is a plus.
4. Be *very* curious and willing to learn;

## Who are we?
We're a digital consulting and product studio started by entrepreneurs that have started and scaled an existing service business to millions in revenue, working with top US and EU startups and exited the business.
We're now experimenting with tech-focused service businesses and apps and looking for people to help us get it out there.

## Why is this a good opportunity?
1. Unique opportunity to work alongside experienced entrepreneurs figuring out new things.
2. An open opportunity for people looking to give a jump in their careers (you don't need to be a whiz yet β€” just hard working and curious);
3. Lots of learning opportunities and seeing what works and what doesn't without risking your own $$ or ideas.
4. Opportunity to turn this into a full time role with tons of ownership and impact.

## How to apply?
Please note we read the answers to the questions only at first. So please answer all of our questions. If you are more experienced, show us that in the answers. If you don't have as much experience but have ideas and willingness to learn and work hard reflect that in your hourly rate and answers to our questions β€” we're willing to give you a shot !

DO NOT use ChatGPT and copy paste... we'd rather have "less than perfect English" than crappy buzzword GPT-generated text :)

## Questions
1. What was the hardest challenge you ever faced (in a professional context)? How did you overcome it? What did you learn from it?
2.Do you have any relevant experience? Digital Marketing, ASO, Search Engine Ads, Social Media Ads, etc? Please be precise with exactly what you did.
3. Why is it that this is the ideal role for you? Why are you ideal for this role? Convince us in two paragraphs maximum. You can also record a quick video (loom can be used) to introduce yourself and SELL US why you're the right fit!
4. Why would you consider yourself entrepreneurial or curious? What makes you such?

About Ventureship

Started by experienced tech entrepreneurs, Ventureship is a product studio and digital services business where we experiment with web and mobile apps and launch service businesses leveraging our 10+ years of experience in the field. Fully remote, lean and small, agile and fast.

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Job posted on 19 November 2023
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