Junior Manual QA Engineer (offline)

Launch Labs is a dynamic and fast-growing American IT company committed to providing top-notch digital solutions. We collaborate with the best experts in their respective fields to create the most valuable products for our users. Our products serve large and small businesses, including Nike.

We seek a passionate QA Engineer to join our team.
The initiative involves a product focused on pitching, designed to create personalized training and throwing strategies to assist pitchers in enhancing both their speed and overall performance.

- enjoy a generous paid vacation package of 4 weeks per year, allowing you to recharge and explore new horizons;
- benefit from the convenience of receiving your salary in 2 installments each month, ensuring financial stability and flexibility;
- embrace a healthy work-life balance with flexible working hours, enabling you to align your professional and personal commitments seamlessly;
- rest easy knowing that your well-being is a priority with comprehensive medical insurance coverage;
- nurture your professional growth with the support of Launch Labs, as we cover additional expenses for professional courses and training, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve;
- join a vibrant and dynamic team of young professionals, fostering an environment of enthusiasm, collaboration, and innovative thinking;
- experience the freedom of remote work, allowing you to work from the comfort of your preferred location, wherever that may be;
- immerse yourself in a friendly atmosphere built on trust, where we value and respect our colleagues;
- we believe in fostering a positive work environment without the need for intrusive time trackers or surveillance.

- develop and maintain comprehensive test documentation for mobile and web applications.
- apply testing design techniques to identify critical test scenarios.
- create bug reports and collaborate with the development team to ensure timely issue resolution.
- provide essential assistance in documentation efforts, emphasizing the need for clarity and completeness.
- possess basic knowledge of backend testing, including familiarity with tools like Postman.

Skills Required:
- proficiency in creating test documentation
- hands-on experience in testing mobile and web applications.
- ability to generate clear and concise bug reports.
- proactive attitude with the ability to work independently and collaboratively.
- basic understanding of backend testing with some knowledge of tools like Postman.

About Launch Labs

1. General Description
Launch Labs is an IT company with high Web and APP development expertise.
We aim to bring a product vision to life with high-quality development solutions.
Our works feature world-class brands like Nike and NBC-acquired Rapid Replay.

2. About the Products
We collaborate with the best experts of their respective fields to create the most useful products for our users. Our products serve large and small businesses, including Nike.

3. Technologies we use
We work on ReactJS web applications with TypeScript, React Native applications (expo and cli), Swift, NodeJS. NFTs (NEAR and ETH). CoreML in Swift.

4. Management of the team
The team is led by American Senior Engineer Ben Swinford and Ukrainian Head of Operations Natalie Oleksyn.

5. Culture
We aim to foster a long-term relationship with our employees and prioritize their happiness in the workplace. To support this, we provide flexible working hours and offer four weeks of paid vacation annually. Our open-mindedness enables us to engage in constructive discussions and find reasonable solutions to any challenges that may arise. Quality is our top priority, and we take pride in our work. As we continue to grow, we are seeking individuals who are passionate, proactive energetic, and share our values.

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