Head of Sales and Business Development (art industry/UAE market) (offline) to $3000

We are in search of a leader to help us identify our ideal Client, help create and execute go-to market strategy and help us with the sales processes. Experienced working with Interior design, architecture, and art galleries. As the Head of Sales and Business Development, you will be instrumental in aligning our sales efforts with the go-to-market strategy, targeting both high-value contracts and luxury placements, as well as direct sales to small businesses.

Key Responsibilities:
● Sales Leadership:
● Build, lead and manage the sales team, ensuring they meet sales targets
***currently we removed the previous sales team
● Oversee the sales process, from lead generation to closing, ensuring asmooth customer journey
● Develop and implement sales strategies tailored to each target group, with focus on interior designers, architects, and small business owners
● Pursue high-value contracts from large projects, such as office buildings, luxury homes, and public spaces

● Business Development:
● Identify our ideal client ( get market confirmation)
● Build long-term relationships with key stakeholders, especially interior designers, architects, and art galleries.
● Explore and negotiate strategic partnerships, focusing on both direct sales and revenue-sharing models.
● Collaborate with art consulting agencies to generate leads and foster partnerships
● Provide market insights and feedback to the CEO and Product Manager, aiding in high-level decision-making

● Market Strategy:
● Leverage existing relationships within the design, architecture, and art industries to gain a competitive edge
● Understand and adapt to the local market dynamics of Dubai and the UAE, identifying opportunities and challenges
● Collaborate with the CEO to allocate and manage the dedicated budget for sales and business development initiatives

● Proven experience in sales and business development, preferably within the design, architecture, or art industry in Dubai and the UAE
● Strong connections within the design, architecture industry, and art industry
● Demonstrated ability to lead and manage a sales team, including hiring, training, and mentoring
● Solid understanding of market dynamics, customer behavior, and sales processes specific to the Dubai and UAE market
● Excellent communication and negotiation skills
● Ability to work independently, self-motivated, and results-oriented.
● Experience in managing budgets and resources.

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