Product manager for one project (US market only) (offline)


About the Company:

Our product, , seamlessly combines content generation and autoposting on popular social media platforms. With a ready MVP, we are embarking on launching with our first clients. To enhance our competitiveness in the market, we are actively engaged in niche positioning and product positioning. We have identified several audience segments, and the choice of a specific segment significantly influences tactical marketing elements and the product development strategy.

Startup is a product created through the collaboration of IT teams from and

Whom Do We Need:
We are seeking an experienced Product Manager who will prepare a series of questions for conducting CustDev research.

Product Manager Responsibilities:

-Study information about our product, market competitors, and the target audience.
-Develop interview scripts and questionnaires in Google Forms.
-Identify the target audience through social media, directories, etc., and conduct interviews and surveys.
-Conduct a minimum of 10 problem interviews, extracting comprehensive information about the product, and report findings in Miro.
-Analyze and draw conclusions about the prospects of niche positioning for the product within the target audience.
-Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the product and the needs of the target audience for effective product positioning.


-Advanced/Fluent English (residency in the USA is mandatory or recent work with the US market for the last 3-5 years).
-Minimum 3 years of experience working with US market.
-Native proficiency in Ukrainian or Russian.
-Extensive experience conducting CustDev interviews in the US market.
-3 years of experience in a product manager role, with a plus for B2B project experience.

About the Project:
This is a project-based role, and we expect cost and timeline estimates. Introductory information will be provided upon request to suitable candidates. When applying, please include information about your experience as a product manager in the US market.

We are looking for a specialist for a specific task with the potential for long-term collaboration after the full project launch.
To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience. We look forward to welcoming the newest member of our team to help shape the future of digital creativity.

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