Sales manager (offline) $400-500

Наша айтішна команда шукає людину з гуманітарного світу.
Твоя майбутня сфера відповідальності?
Персоналізована письмова комунікація з клієнтами із США та ЄС 🗒 Отже, робоча мова - англійська :)
Ми навчаємо та підтримуємо. Full-remote. 👩‍💻🧑‍💻
PS: не обмежуємо використання GPT. Проте нотка персоналізації - на твоїх плечах.

About DevsX

Hey Guys🤚 What's up everyone!

Who we are🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

☑We’re DevsX — a small but extremely dedicated team of developers
☑We are Human-to-Human company
☑We help startups and digital agencies launch projects on time, with no pain
☑DevsX history has started with 2 friends and now we have almost 50 developers in our family

Our values🧡🙌

☑Our dear team (guys you're amazing) and clients (we have such a good customers, that are more like friends) are our main focus
☑Both-ways respect

Our principles🤲

☑Solving the client's problem is our primary goal
☑Contribute to the growth of every person in the company
☑Honesty with yourself and with others

Our differences⭐

☑We work exclusively with startups only, we don't serve even medium companies, instead we focus all our 100 percent of focus and efforts on startups.
☑Working with Startups helps us to work with the hottest frameworks and approaches, working with startup owners helps us to improve our skills in growth and implementing unconventional approaches.
☑We're trying our best to use the hottest frameworks both for the front and backend. Legacy code is not welcomed here😥
☑We're big fans of new technologies and we really fell in love with crypto, NFTs, and disruptive startups - gamechangers.

Thank you, guys!

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  • Category: Sales
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  • English: Upper-Intermediate
  • 1 year of experience
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