Senior Software Engineer Java

Job Description:

As a Software Engineer, you'll be part of an innovative team working on cutting-edge technologies to design, scale, and maintain the backend architecture.

- Collaborate with system architects and product managers to deliver high-quality technical solutions throughout the product development life cycle.
- Develop and maintain high-quality backend code with a strong focus on automated testing.
- Participate in code reviews to ensure high software quality standards and consistency across the codebase.
- Actively engage in SCRUM ceremonies to plan sprints, estimate tasks, and enhance our development methodology.
- Report to the Engineering Manager.

- Senior knowledge of Java, Maven, and SpringBoot.
- Familiarity or basic knowledge of Docker.
- Experience with scalable microservices architectures and patterns.
- Proficiency in REST API design, implementation, and maintenance (Open API).
- A product engineer mindset with a good understanding of the entire product development process.
- Passion for software development and effective communication and collaboration skills across all organizational levels.
- Familiarity with Agile methodologies.
- A strong focus on automated tests, including unit, functional, and integration testing.
- Experience with CI/CD development processes.
- Experience working with AWS cloud solutions (RDS, S3, SNS, etc.).
- Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science/engineering or equivalent.
- Experience with Datadog and KAFKA is considered a plus.

We are looking for a Software Engineer:
- Proficient in building testable code and understanding the testing pyramids.
- Able to work effectively within their team's domain and systematically debug issues within a single service.
- Recognizes the importance of security and seeks guidance from senior engineers when making decisions with security implications.
- Manages task sizes appropriately, considering prioritization and dependencies, delivering small, customer-relevant features in small batches.
- Values and actively contributes to the implementation of CI/CD principles.
- Adapts well to uncertainty, taking responsible action even when the full picture is not available.
- Mentors junior teammates and provides valuable feedback aligned with company and product strategies.
- Has a basic understanding of their team's domain and its contribution to the overall business strategy.
- Maintains a consistent practice of crafting code that is production-ready and easily testable while actively seeking opportunities to enhance its readability through appropriate refactoring.
- Demonstrates awareness of the organization's monitoring philosophy and employs systematic debugging techniques to diagnose issues spanning multiple services.
- Exhibits a consistent approach to code design that aligns with the overarching service architecture.
- Approaches all engineering tasks with a security-conscious mindset, proactively identifying security vulnerabilities within the code and during peer reviews.
- Ensures realistic commitments, understanding their prioritization and urgency, and fulfills them accordingly.
- Regularly provides feedback to the business stakeholders on their team when opportunities arise.
- Assists team members in overcoming obstacles, resolving blockers, and completing work tasks, fostering redundancy and backfill capability.
- Actively participates in process improvement initiatives within the team.
- Possesses a strong grasp of the organization's engineering strategy and frequently engages in discussions regarding its implications for their team.

About is a Full Cycle Software Development House supporting global clients and projects.
Dedicated to customers' satisfaction, we constantly strive to improve technical excellence within our company, which has been recognised by clients.
We believe in the experience and professionalism of our teams that adapt to any organizational model and work together to succeed.

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Job posted on 15 November 2023
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  • Category: Java
  • Java, Maven, SpringBoot, Docker, REST API, KAFKA, AWS
  • English: Upper-Intermediate
  • 5 years of experience
  • Domain: Travel / Tourism
  • Full Remote
  • Outsource
  • Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan
  • Only candidates from Europe and Ukraine