Marketing Specialist

We are seeking individuals who embrace responsibility, strive for outstanding results, and are eager to bring innovative ideas to life. Join A1Telecom, where we offer modern corporate telecommunication solutions, specializing in voice communication channels, SMS mailings, and cloud ATC services.


🌟 What we offer:


- Quick adaptation in the company, product training, and opportunities for professional growth.

- Support from the business owner, department heads, and managers on any work-related issue.

- A clear and transparent motivation system.

- Career growth possibilities and regular salary reviews.

- Remote work format (PC/laptop, stable internet connection, headset, webcam, and dedicated workspace are a must).

- Timely payment of financial rewards.

- Annual paid leave, sick leave, additional/holiday weekends (after the end of martial law and the victory of Ukraine).


🌟 Responsibilities of our Marketing Specialist:


- Development and implementation of marketing strategy.

- Strategy development for marketing directions, monitoring implementation, and assessing effectiveness.

- Managing the company's image on social networks: LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

- Implementing organic and paid traffic strategies, advertising campaigns.

- Strategizing customer attraction at the initial stage and ensuring high-quality lead generation.

- Key marketing analytics and monitoring marketing key performance indicators (KPIs).

- Analyzing the efficiency of the company's main communication channels and brand products.

- Efficient allocation of budget funds between channels and monitoring the financial efficiency of marketing.

- Implementation of practical tasks for product promotion.

- Analyzing sales dynamics and managing the sales forecast.

- Market analysis, competitor analysis, monitoring marketing trends, and understanding customer needs.


🌟 Candidate requirements:


- Over 2 years of experience in a system company (B2B segment is a plus) with practical experience in increasing marketing efficiency.

- High proficiency in digital marketing.

- Experience in introducing the brand and new products to the international market.

- Knowledge of modern models for developing and managing the company's brand.

- Ability to work with analytical tools and metrics.

- Multitasking and strong prioritization skills.

- Knowledge of foreign languages is an advantage (English, German, Polish, or any other).


🌟 Terms of cooperation:


- Fixed working hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

- Full-time, remote work.

- Timely payment of wages: Rate (20,000-30,000 UAH) Β± KPI + bonus. The rate depends on the results of the final interview.


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