Python developer (offline)

We are outsourcing developers specializing in projects of varying complexity. We are passionate about coding, quality, innovative solutions, tackling new challenges, and pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and our client's business. We are looking for individuals who share our values to join our team.



β€’ 1-2 years of commercial experience on the Python 3.x stack

β€’ knowledge of basic deep learning libraries such as PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow;

β€’ experience with libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, (one of the web frameworks Flask, FastAPI, Django(Oscar));

β€’ experience with NLP/NLU, Image/audio processing;

β€’ knowledge of basic ML methods (SVM, Random trees, Naive bayes, etc.);

β€’ good skills in debugging, finding, and fixing problems;

β€’ experience with Git;

β€’ good knowledge of English at the level of reading technical documentation;

β€’ the ability to quickly learn new skills;

β€’ teamwork.


Would be a big plus:

β€’ understanding the fundamentals and features of neural network architectures such as CNN, RMM, Transformer, LSTM;

β€’ experience with Yolo, EfficientDet, Mask R-CNN, BERT, Spacy, Whisper, E-commerce frameworks.


What to do on the project:

β€’ Develop your own ML models;

β€’ Develop E-commerce projects;

β€’ Adaptation and support ready-made models;

β€’ Development and support of related systems that work with models (work with queues, REST API, gRPC, GRAPHQL).