1. Team Building and Management:
● Recruit New Team Members: Evaluate potential hires based on their technical and interpersonal skills, previous experience, and problem-solving capabilities.
● Team Dynamics: Foster a collaborative environment where all team members are motivated and communicate effectively.

2. Task Management:
● Task Clarity: Ensure each task has an updated status, a clear description, and actual priority.
● Backlog Management: Regularly groom and prioritize the backlog in collaboration with stakeholder and devs.
● Time Estimations: Work with developers to estimate the duration for tasks to ensure realistic deadlines.

3. Task Progress Management:
● Daily Stand-ups: Conduct daily syncs with developers to understand progress, hurdles, and next steps.
● Technical Oversight: While not delving deep, have a high-level understanding of the technology to be aware of technical challenges or constraints.
● Blocker Identification: Quickly identify and address any personal or technical blockers hindering progress.

4. Quality Assurance:
● Testing: Ensure there's a process in place for thorough testing of completed tasks.

About OBSGroup

OBS Group - Pioneering a Bright Future with AI. As a dynamic conglomerate with a global footprint, OBS Group is leading the way in leveraging artificial intelligence across a multitude of sectors including EdTech, Religion, Real Estate, Travel & Concierge, and E-commerce. Drawing upon our extensive network of distinguished faculty members from world-leading educational institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, we create innovative solutions and products designed to shape a better future for all.

We pride ourselves on our intergenerational and international approach, working across different continents and connecting diverse generations in the pursuit of innovation. At OBS Group, we are driven by the belief that artificial intelligence can unlock extraordinary potential and transform the way we live, learn, and work.

We invite the brightest minds from around the world to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can explore uncharted territories, drive forward technological progress, and make a profound impact on society.

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