PHP/Golang developer (offline) $1600-5000

Stack: PHP, Golang, Node.js, SQL, Laravel, Yii framework, OOP, Design patterns, Redis, Docker, and JavaScript.


We are seeking an experienced Backend Developer to join our team of talented developers for a stable yet dynamic project.


As the Backend Developer, you will play an integral role in developing, maintaining, and refactoring the existing codebase of a multi-service product with complex logic. You will work closely with our experienced Backend team and use the latest stack (php/golang/node.js/laravel/yii2/mysql/…).


About the project:

A stable enterprise product for creating marketing presentations, preparing accompanying materials, and developing sales cycle business assistants for global pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Novartis, Pfizer, Veeva etc., and financial institutions like ING and Van Lanschot. Completely our code base, we have been developing it since 2015.


Our services are distributed across multiple Availability Zones, adhering to a service-oriented architecture. Since 2018, we have prioritized GraphQL, although we maintain comprehensive support for RESTful APIs. Our core API services are built on a diverse stack of programming languages, each chosen to optimize task performance. This stack includes a rapidly evolving Golang Core API, legacy Core API services in PHP (leveraging frameworks like Laravel and Yii2) for established business logic and data layer interactions, Node.js (utilizing both JavaScript and TypeScript), Python APIs, and .NET Core C# components.


We utilize a hybrid cloud infrastructure, harnessing the strengths of both AWS and GCP to meet our operational needs, and focus on Serverless. Our work also involves extensive integration with API partners, including Veeva, Salesforce, and a variety of others, to ensure a seamless and robust service ecosystem.


As a product with high-security requirements, we undergo regular penetration testing from auditors and client companies to ensure compliance with industry standards such as OWASP, SOC, and ISO.



- Advanced knowledge of PHP

- Strong knowledge of SQL and understanding of transactions

- Understanding of OOP, design patterns, cryptography, algorithms, and data structures

- Versatility and comprehension of how all aspects of a web project work jointly (front, backend, and the network layer)

- Excellent command of written English and reading skills



- Development experience with Golang

- Development experience with Node.js (optional)

- Serverless overview

- Experience with Docker and other virtualization tools

- Diploma in Computer Science

- Excellent command of spoken English



In addition to a great base salary, we offer:

1) Funding for conferences, co-working spaces, software licenses, and other work-related expenses

2) MacBook if you require one

3) Mobile devices if you are involved with mobile development projects

4) Flexible working hours and fully remote working without micromanagement

5) Modern technology stack

6) Time for open source development

7) Bonus at the end of the year

8) Paid study leave

9) Paid English language courses

10) 36 company-paid days off per annum

11) Access to educational streaming services like Pluralsight

12) Input on the development of the company


Our core values:

We are open-minded, humble, respectful, self-driven, and honest, which allows us to create an atmosphere of synergy. Our team is a great fit for those who value self-organization and are passionate about personal growth. If this resonates with you, we’d love to have you join the team.

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