SeoProfy ( is a leading full-service SEO agency with 12 years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO) in the markets of the USA, Canada, Australia, and European countries. We are experts in industries like e-commerce, finance, gambling, dating, IT, crypto, CBD, job searching, and real estate.

Since 2012, our services have earned clients' trust in 80 countries. Our esteemed list of international customers includes Jooble, FXTM, AutoDoc, Preply, vistacreate, yologroup, DMARKET, just to name a few.

With a view of our development in the US market, we are looking for a motivated Head of Sales with a high level of EQ and an understanding of what teamwork is and how to create it in the Sales department.

Important competencies for our Head of Sales:

Strategic thinking - You think big and see the overall picture in a positive way, notice potential opportunities and threats in time through comparative analysis of current and future trends.

Organized and planning skills - You create a sales plan for the team, organize effective work in compliance with deadlines, and timely change priorities to achieve personal and team goals.

Result-orientation - You sincerely strive to work for the team's result, in full force, in an accelerated mode, even overworking if the situation requires it.

Self-confidence - You do what is right, not what is profitable; you speak clearly and unambiguously.

Persistence - You demonstrate perseverance and the will to achieve a long-term goal.

Here’s a video to get to know SeoProfy. You will get to meet most of our team members and the company owner, a well-known SEO speaker Profyman, in the lead role of this short movie.

Your opportunities with SeoProfy:
• cooperation and mentoring of Victor Karpenko's professional team
• clients are adequate Americans and Europeans, and we are a young and modern team working in a healthy and calm environment
• rapid and profound development in the niche
• creating your own expert name in this field

Results we expect from the Head of Sales:
⮚ a built team of Sales Managers (5 Ukrainians in Ukraine and the EU);
⮚ career plans for the team according to grades are developed and implemented;
⮚ high expertise in selling marketing and IT services.

Areas of responsibility:
⮚ successfully manage a team of Sales Managers;
⮚ organize the achievement of the monthly team sales plan;
⮚ train the team in corporate services and improve the quality of negotiations by understanding the needs of the client's business;
⮚ communicate with clients, customers, and other partners from the US market;
⮚ keep track of market and competitor trends;
⮚ create positive communication with the team, demonstrate expertise (cases, projects, solutions, tools);
⮚ qualitatively assess the needs of the team and meet them in due time;
⮚ professionally support clients (inform, accompany, and advise clients, approve budgets and terms of cooperation with them, and draw up contracts);
⮚ build effective relationships between the Sales team and other teams;
⮚ transfer projects to PMs and their further upselling; the goal is to build strong long-term relationships with clients, understand their businesses, and offer them new effective solutions;
⮚ create reporting analytics on the sales department with final conclusions and recommendations; zero micromanagement is expected; only an atmosphere of cooperation and mentoring for mutual growth.

In our team, we expect that:
You have at least 1 year of successful management experience at the Senior or Team Lead level.
⮚ You have deep expertise and at least 3 years of experience in selling services for Western markets, experience in the United States will be an advantage.
⮚ You have expertise in negotiating with business owners or decision-makers not only in the Ukrainian market.
⮚ You have an understanding of SEO and digital in general.
⮚ You are competent in English, at least B2 and higher.

⮚ You have the ability and desire to train employees: to prepare existing employees for career growth and to effectively onboard new members of the team.
⮚ You know how to work in a team, be an example and support.
⮚ You have the skill of persuasion and know how to negotiate.
⮚ You show a proactive approach to work.

Taking care of the #seoprofyteam, the company provides:
• Hybrid working schedule: you can choose to either work remotely or in the office.
• An 8-hour working day with a flexible work schedule: Mon through Fri (start between 8:00 - 11:00 and finish between 16:00 - 19:00).
• Spacious and comfortable office with a convenient location near the Livoberezhna metro station, which is open to everyone who wants to work in the office.
• Paid vacation and sick leave (without providing a sick leave form).
• A fair KPI system (transparent system of bonus accrual with clear indicators and possible amounts).
• Annual assessment of skills development (we offer transparent career development opportunities through a grading system and Performance Review).
• Corporate psychologist to ensure Mental Health.
• Medical insurance to support the health of our team.
• Corporate English course to maintain the level of the business language.
• A progressive management style with a Western-oriented mindset (all employees have equal rights, and a team leader is first and foremost a colleague and mentor. Professional growth is an absolutely real opportunity in the SeoProfy team. And our school is highly valued in the labor market.)
• A flexible mentoring system (comfortable onboarding of a new employee to facilitate adaptation in a new position, LMS, mentoring).
• Rich corporate life (game-themed Thursdays and fun large-scale events are just a part of our cool events, the last corporate event was held in the Carpathians). We hope for the speedy restoration of these processes and for the corporate party in Crimea in 2023!

For those who are in Kyiv and plan to work in the office, we offer:
• an office with an uninterrupted electricity supply and access to the Internet;
• aromatic coffee/cappuccino/latte and a variety of HR goodies;
• a well-developed infrastructure:
• convenient commuting options, both for employees with a car (there are parking spaces for their cars) and for those who get to work using public transport;
• for those who are concerned about their healthy body, near the office, there are sports clubs SportLand and hitworks (during lunch or after working hours, you can exercise and switch from business tasks);
• there are plenty of supermarkets within walking distance from the office;
for those who have a sweet tooth, there’s a bakery near the office where they can meet up with friends.

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About SeoProfy

SeoProfy is one of the prominent and high profile SEO agency that is being internationally recognized for its expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Its ponderable reputation the agency earned while working on the client’s projects demonstrating indisputable results in Western markets such as the USA, Canada, Australia, European countries during the last 10 years.
Having the clients satisfaction as the top priority, the agency’s main goal is to build an exceptional team of SEO experts that would deliver fantastic results and great ROI to its clients. Team’s collaboration processes and top management interest in the constant professional development of every employee make the agency one of a kind on the market.

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