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About product:
This is an intelligent video analytics platform designed to automate the process of learning and generating contextual insights from unstructured data inside video footage. The company’s platform uses artificial intelligence built on proprietary machine comprehension services that can contextually understand the content of users’ data, enabling clients to provide contextual advertisements and product recommendations to provide a personalized experience for users. They have developed and deployed a computer vision system for industrial procedure monitoring which involves multiple cameras, on-prem servers with multiple GPUs, and a cloud component on AWS cloud. The system is installed in 3 countries, and we have new customers all over the world.


- Demonstrated ability to manage data annotation in a mid-size annotation team.
- Prior experience in data annotation, leading data annotation strategy for a software organization.
- Familiarity with data annotation tools, methods and processes.
- Familiarity with JIRA, Excel, Google Docs.
- Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field.


- You will be leading data annotation strategy for computer vision applications, targeting excellence of data operations (scalability, time to delivery, quality and cost efficiency) in a context of growing / evolving data needs.
- You will take part in annotation as a Expert data annotator (up to 30% of time).
- Managing third-party or in-house data annotation team.
- Driving continuous improvement of data annotation processes.
- Planning and estimating cost of data annotation.
- Selecting and maintaining data annotation tools.
- Managing transition from third-party data annotation to in-house data annotation.
- Providing feedback to the ML algorithm team and the architecture/infrastructure team.

If you’re interested in joining our new R&D team, please let us know about yourself.

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Job posted on 9 March 2023
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  • Domain: Machine Learning / Big Data
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