VFX Artist (offline)

We are creating projects that erase the line between education and gaming.
Collaboration is highly encouraged here, so you’ll have a direct impact on game design and shaping the overall project direction. You’re not a mindless worker drone here—we want your thumbprints on these collective creations!

What you’ll do:
- Collaborate with Art Director and CTO to produce high quality, mobile-friendly VFX assets for characters, UI and environments.
- Deliver assets within the confines of real-time engine constraints and programming/gameplay requirements.
- Visual effects inside Unity (using particle systems and shader effects) as well as hand-drawn and frame-by-frame animated effects.
- Working with developers to hash out best practices and approaches.
- Providing developers with required shaders, scripts and systems to enhance visual effects within the Unity-based project.

What you’ll need:
- At least 3 years of experience creating VFX for commercially successful games, including at least 1 commercially distributed title
- Expert understanding and experience with Unity 2D and 3D workflows and pipelines
- Comfortable driving the design and style of a game’s motion graphics.
- Good understanding of aesthetic fundamentals, including timing, easing, motion, anticipation, palette creation, values, contrast.
- Experience using techniques unique to Unity’s bespoke toolkit (Particle system, Unity VFX Graph, Unity UI System) as well as more generalised realtime techniques (spritesheets, shaders).
- Love for the challenge of optimizing 3D and 2D VFX assets, balancing memory and performance constraints against a great gameplay experience

- Experience working in combination spaces (3D and 2D).
- Technical knowledge of Unity game development and artistic workflows
- Experience with Unity Shader Graph.

- Links to any Unity based VFX art you’ve worked on.
- Videos, GIFs, JPEGs of your best, juiciest work.

About Project Ukraine

Project Ukraine is part of Ruliad - a London-based impact technology company that is uniting exceptional technologists to build world-changing products.

We are looking for the most driven experts from Ukraine to work on these products in order to create a post-war ecosystem that will ensure Ukraine is rebuilt as a tech superpower.

Joining us means joining a company of extremely motivated individuals who look for meaning in what they do. It is not always easy, and it is not for everyone. But overcoming meaningful differences, coming together for the right cause, and tackling any problem that stands in the way is the journey civilisation is on. Join us on that journey.

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  • Category: Unity
  • 3 years of experience
  • Domain: Education
  • Full Remote
  • Product
  • United Kingdom, Ukraine
  • Part-time