Senior FullStack Engineer

Node.js 70%/React.js 30%

- At least 5 years experience in development - must.
- At least 3 years of experience in Javascript is a must (Typescript is an advantage).
- At least 3 years of experience in Server Side technologies - must.
- At least 3 years of experience in React - must.
- Experience with billing systems, ERPs, Salesforce, and payments process services - an advantage
- Experience in databases such as SQL / NoSQL, Redis, etc.
- Experience with microservices architecture, event-driven
- Experience in Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Delivery - advantage.
- Familiarity with event-sourcing design
- Very high level of programming and design capabilities, SOLID principles, clean code principles
- Curious, forward-thinking, and driven to learn and experiment with new initiatives and tools.
- Ability to lead and mentor, deliver products end-to-end

What we do:
Our scope of responsibility is billing, the project’s soft currency, usage and analytics, and accounts contacts
- Building and maintaining our client's billing services, developing the products catalog, plans, tiers, subscriptions of all accounts, salesforce, and ERP integrations
Soft Currency:
- In our project, every account buys a plan, these plans have credits (aka soft currency) that the users of the account can use to buy contacts and do operations in the system
Usage and analytics:
- Export and report the usage of accounts of its credits and reflect the admin the analytics of the usage of their credit
Account Contacts:
- Allow the account users to view their contacts and arrange them in lists, export the contacts outside the dashboard

Working conditions:
- flexible working arrangements;
- medical insurance;
- autonomous team structure with a lot of freedom and ownership;
- opportunities to own development from start to finish;
- opportunities to speak with clients and the development team only in English
- paid vacations and sick leaves.

Job posted on 3 March 2023
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  • Category: Node.js
  • Node.js, React.js, SQL, TypeScript
  • English: Upper-Intermediate
  • 5 years of experience
  • Office/Remote of your choice
  • Agency
  • Ukraine
  • Only candidates from Ukraine