Marketing Manager (in Prague) (offline)

We are looking for a Marketing Manager to work in the new center of the delivery company in Prague. The company is expanding into the European market by opening branches in various locations. Expect official employment with all benefits.

Important requirements:
• 2+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising;
• Full proficiency in English and good knowledge of Czech;

Deep knowledge in the field of marketing
Understanding of legislation, regulatory acts regarding the organization of marketing and advertising activities
Knowledge of the procedure for developing marketing plans and campaigns
Knowledge of modern promotion methods
Expertise in working with various communication channels: TV advertising, digital channels, social networks, e-mails, etc.

Planning and implementation of communication and advertising campaigns
Development, control and placement of advertising materials at branches
Searching for optimal channels to increase awareness of the company's brands and products
Participation in the creation of content for filling the site, landing pages, post-materials
Formation of advertising budget. Rational use of budget funds allocated for the implementation of each project by measures and means of communication
Conducting marketing research (analysis of the market, competitors)
Compilation of reports on the budget, efficiency, profitability of marketing campaigns
Work with providers of advertising services, search for new ones
Participation in the development of marketing activities for each product group in the portfolio

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Дуже важливим для нас є довготривалі стосунки з клієнтами і кандидатами які грунтуються на довірі та повазі. Наші клієнти без вагань рекомендують до нас своїх партнерів. Наша специалізація це IT підбір для постійних, контрактних і тимчасових посад, робота з вакансіями від Junior до рівня ТОП менеджерів

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  • Category: Marketing
  • Marketing
  • English: Upper-Intermediate
  • 2 years of experience
  • Hybrid Remote
  • Product
  • Czechia
  • Only candidates from Europe