PHP Developer (offline)

Technical skills:

- 3+years of work experience as a PHP developer with frameworks such as Phalcon 3.4/Symfony 4.4 etc. (except CMS);
- Knowledge of PHP7.4+ (type hinting, strict types) compliance with PSR, DRY, KISS principles;
- Knowledge and application of DI, IoC, GOF, SOLID patterns;
- Experience in GraphQL/RPC/REST API development;
- Knowledge of RDВSM (PostgreSQL/MySQL), understanding and examples of using vertical/horizontal scaling;
- Strong knowledge of working with the GIT+GIT Flow system;
- Strong knowledge of Docker+docker-compose tools;
- Ability to work with Message Broker (RabbitMQ) and real practics with;
- PHPUnit + TDD code testing;
- Skills of finding bugs and profiling XDebug/xhprof code;
- Understanding the concept of distributed systems (+/-); OS Linux;
- English at the level of reading technical documentation.

It will be a plus:

- Basic knowledge of AWS services such as EC2/RDS/S3/Lambda etc;
- Basic knowledge or more of Python;
- Experience with CI/CD.

We will be happy to offer:

Remote format;
100% paid sick leave;
A flexible start to the working day.

About Sos-credit

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  • Category: PHP
  • 3 years of experience
  • Domain: Fintech
  • Full Remote
  • Product
  • Ukraine (Kyiv)
  • Only candidates from Europe and Ukraine