UI/UX designer

Kangaroo Partners is looking for a self-motivated web designer with strong Untitled UI experience and a good technical background.


* Strong Untitled UI and Figma experience
* Having a portfolio that you are proud of
* Creativity and knowledge of visual design
* Deep understanding of usability principles and web application architecture including browser responsivity and mobile apps
* Knowledge and experience with dynamic prototype creation
* Pay attention to details

Key Responsibilities:

* Creating prototypes and generating ideas
* Expert evaluation and improvement of existing project
* Identify and troubleshoot UX problems
* Competitor analysis

About Kangaroo Partners

In addition to education and experience, cultural fit is extremely important when it comes to selecting candidates to join our family.

At Kangaroo Partners, we work hard and play harder. Our highly driven, efficient, and cutting edge development team thrives on the creation and curation of strategic solutions for our clients.

Our commitment to a positive work-life balance is evident in our generous vacation and personal day allowance. Our culture is rooted in our belief that we work to enable us to enjoy life to its fullest and our work itself must add to that enjoyment as well.

Our team members are passionate about growth, innovation and collaboration. We are constantly striving to improve and better ourselves so that we can better support our clients. If you have growth mindset, thrive under pressure, and are propelled by a desire to create, you are probably a great fit for our team!

Kangaroo Partners is a US based full-service professional website development and Internet marketing consulting firm. Our strength lies in our result-driven methodology, and our focus on creating effective and intuitive online business tools, providing our clients a consistent and tactical advantage, in user experience and in marketing mediums.

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Job posted on 16 November 2022
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