Data Engineer / DevOps

We're looking for Senior Data Engineer hire: an experienced data engineer, who can deliver end-to-end data solutions.
This hire will have a key influence to the V3 of our Architecture where we plan to add NLP analysis on top of the raw data.

Your skills

- Strong programming skills in Python
- Experience in web scraping, web crawling
- Knowledge with Docker & Kubernetes ecosystems
- Experienced with Cloud platforms such as OCI/GCP/AWS
- Experienced working with event-driven/streaming architectures
- Monitoring (Elasticsearch/Datadog)
- Experienced with CI/CD
- Githuh/Gitlab for code versioning
- Any other programming languages
- Side Project or Project at work related to Web Data Extraction or Web Crawling
- Terraform
- Knowledge of NLP Models
- Frontend

Example of tasks :
1. Build a pipeline to add an NER or Topic labelling layer to raw news data
2. Improve existing web article extraction algorithms (Content, author, published date extractions)
3. Create an algorithm that can distinguish an article's webpage from all other webpages.
4. Improve News URLS finding algorithms

Reasons to work for us :
- get a 360-degree review of the whole architecture
- we expect to learn from you, your vote will mean a lot for us
- you’ll never get bored
- you’ll be surrounded by highly hardworking, talented, and ambitious people
- focus more on quality than quantity

About NewsCatcher

NewsCatcher is building the largest & the most accurate database of news articles published online. Our solution crawl millions of web pages daily to detect over 1,000,000 news articles published online each day.

We deal with unstructured text data parsed from HTML pages.

You can read more about how NewsCatcher works via this [link](

Today, we're a team of 6 developers. We're fast-growing, so if you can see yourself running your own team in a year we're a great place for you.

Company website:

Job posted on 7 November 2022
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