DevOps Engineer

Cornerstone is looking for a DevOps Engineer to be part of Global SRE Team

In this role you will work on the following:
*Own the overall health and performance of our infrastructure in AWS that serves our customer-facing applications and services. (This would include all AWS accounts created through our Region-as-Code initiative but not the domain team services hosted within. Some of the core components include Route53, Transit Gateway, and IAM)
*Develop, test and debug automated tasks (Apps, Systems, Infrastructure) and manage orchestration tools like Jenkins and AWS lambda/Systems Manager.
*Perform analytics on previous incidents and usage patterns to better predict issues and take proactive actions
*Work with development teams throughout the software life cycle ensuring sustainable software releases
*Build and drive adoption for greater self-healing and resiliency patterns
Lead and participate in performance tests; identify bottlenecks, opportunities for optimization, and capacity demands
*Perform hands on management of cloud infrastructure and document cloud infrastructure and policies
*Understand on premise policies, solutions, and technologies and integrate with the cloud infrastructure where applicable.
*Understanding cloud security best practices and work with Security teams to design and implement a security infrastructure
Serve as a technical point of contact for SRE and help with communication of SRE Principles to projects
*An example would be to re-factor individual account AWS SNS topic subscriptions used for alerting to a centralized model in a shared account.
*Another example would be to develop a way to safely handle configuration drift in the foundational items such as the VPC and subnet configuration in an AWS account using our internally developed pipeline tooling.

All infrastructure is deployed through Jenkins workflows developed in Groovy script that use AWS native technologies such as CloudFormation and boto3 to create the AWS accounts and foundational services. Challenges include how to handle configuration drift in older accounts provisioned through an automation framework that has rapidly developed since the beginning of the project. Another challenge is to continually improve (decrease) the time it takes to provision a new AWS account, apply all foundational components, and hand it off to the consumer.
We built Infrastructure as Code but this requires lots of improvements. Like rewriting one system component from AWS EC2 to EKS

We expect you to have:
*AWS experience along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect – Associate, Professional (would be a good addition) but not necessary
*Mastery in at least two or more software languages (e.g., Python, Groovy, PowerShell etc.) with respect to designing, coding, testing, and software delivery
*Adept in the development of automated tools (e.g., Jenkins, Ansible, etc.), systems, and services in multiple technology domains
*Advanced knowledge of infrastructure components (e.g., networking, DNS, cloud services, orchestration tools, containerization, compute, and storage systems)
*Proficiency in service-level changes to a system and troubleshooting components
*Experience with Splunk or other log aggregation/monitoring tools
*Experience in engineering solutions for metrics gathering/publishing and event collection/correlation across distributed architectures, automation, monitoring, intelligent alerting, random fault injections (Chaos Engineering), and self-healing
*Experience in a highly regulated, standards compliant, production environment (SOC, ISO, etc.)
*Scripting/automation experience

About Cornerstone

Веб-проекты, Харьков, 4 года.
Укранское представительство крупной международной компании.

Работа над линейкой собственных продуктов, плоская структура компании, без многоуровневого менеджмента и бюрократии, гибкий рабочий процесс, сильная команда, хороший офис в современном БЦ на м.Научная.

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Job posted on 12 September 2022
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